Kalo Himona

This is probably going to be one of my last Holiday Diary entries. This time tomorrow I shall be heading home, back in a London that is several degrees cooler than here.

Apparently it reached 28C today. I wanted some beach time, so after a taverna lunch on top of the hill at Parthenonas, I opted to join two others and come back by taxi instead of sticking with the group and returning on foot.




A wise decision I feel. A chance to have my cake and eat it. So there was a swim in the sea, and some lounging on a lounger under a pretty but not very effective sunshade. Another group member who had taken the whole day off, joined me.

As the day cooled, we walked up the steps and traded in our towels for vouchers which we traded at reception. The bar called softly.

We sipped cold beers and the walkers returned. Inspired by our example they too bought cold drinks. I found I had been elected to give the collection to our leaders before dinner. Which is why I am sitting in the bar, without a drink, at half past six, with an envelope for contributions.

Back in my room, a large ripe pomegranate sat on a plate. I presume that here, as in other parts of Greece, pomegranates are thrown into houses to bring luck over the coming winter.

I shall be happy to be home. It has been a great week with a good group of people, and we have been amazingly lucky with the weather. The taxi driver said it was like summer and due to change on Sunday.

So Kalo Himona everyone; have a good winter.






9 thoughts on “Kalo Himona

  1. Kalo Himona to you too. I hope you enjoyed the pomegranate-I love them, pips and all! I’m glad you noticed that bush that has acorns but its leaves are like miniature holly leaves, I find it rather special. Have often thought about using the leaves for a Christmas display.

    • I love pomegranates an brought three home. I usually eat them very messily, but one of the group explained a way of getting the pips out cleanly to use in recipes by peeling them underwater. The pith floats to the surface and you are left with the seeds. Neat!

      Can you remind me of the significance of pomegranates? Is it to do with abundance? I am not sure I should like someone throwing one through my door or window. Much too messy!

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