Trevor, A Happy Ending

At the very beginning of the year, a stray white and black cat pitched up in our garden. Thin, and with nasty wounds on his front paws, he was taken in by Hamilton’s Cat Fund, fed, treated by the vet, named Trevor, and given lots of attention. Some of you very generously contributed to the cost of his treatment and food. You may recall how he grew healthy and happy; alert to the sound of the back door of the house opening and the possibility of another meal. In the summer, he was given the run of the garden, where he swiftly disillusioned another cat who thought he might be a bit of a pushover. He gave us a scare when he disappeared for two weeks in August. Hunting, the charity thought, and hopefully not something bigger and stronger than himself. But bears and wolves have been extinct for quite a while now in Dulwich. Trevor returned, none the worse for his adventure, and very hungry. But no one came forward to adopt him. Apparently black and white, and white and black cats are constantly passed over. As he is a friendly, confident soul, the charity decided to take him to one of the Cat Protection League’s events to see if that might help. And I am presuming it did, because I have had this email:

young Trevor went to a new home last Saturday settling in well, once they sorted his bedtime out….he kept them awake the first night they were advised to keep him in his room the next night, & we’ve heard nowt

I love a happy ending, don’t you? Or should that be a happy beginning? And now for a gratuitous picture of MasterB taken two days ago:




15 thoughts on “Trevor, A Happy Ending

    • If Trevor had been ginger he’d have probably been rehomed within weeks. Remember Odysseus/George? Far more of a challenge yet offered a home in a fortnight.
      There has been a lot of playing and affectionate cuddling since I got home.

  1. I love that happy ending/beginning in Trevor’s life. I am sure this will be the beginning of a lifetime friendship for him and his family.
    And I love the tummy-scratching time Master B is for

  2. Here’s to a happy beginning for Trevor. And it’s so heartening to read of the compassion others have for animals they don’t know. (And that photo of Master B gave me a good laugh; I’ve seen my dogs fall asleep like that.)

    • Yes, it was heart warming when people donated to help Trevor. Hamilton’s works, as do so many charities, on a shoestring to protect and save animals we humans have put at risk.
      MasterB often falls asleep like this, usually on my feet at night!

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