Greek Cats

There will be at least two posts of cats from my recent Greek holiday. There was a decorative cart at the hotel and it proved irresistible to the cats.

So many times I passed it without a camera in my hand, but I did manage to get a few.

I took so many cat photos in the last two days when I was badly missing MasterB. To say I was pleaxed to see him when I got home is a massive understatement.


7 thoughts on “Greek Cats

    • The cats at the resort all looked pretty healthy, and apparently there is someone all year round. I think they are also valued for their hunting skills, Nd the staff are fully aware that the guests like them. The ones who didn’t look so good were the adult, intact males we saw in the villages. Not just battered from fighting, one with some nasty sores, but also thin.

    • The vet I go to visits Greece regularly and neuter cats for a charity
      I imagine that noone sees stray cats as their responsibility, and so long as the mouse population is controlled no one is too worried about the cats’ lifespans.

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