Le Calendrier Ginger Ninja 2015 est Arrivé (and a darn sight nicer than Beaujolais Nouveau)

Roll up, roll up! The box of calendars arrived today, and was opened a short time ago, and with minimal ceremony by Celia, who pronounced the contents good.


If you would like to buy one leave a comment here and I’ll contact you by email. They cost £8, plus £2.50 P&P for the UK. I need to check the overseas postage charge, but as it is only early November, it should be possible to use surface mail and still have them by January.

Several have been reserved and a couple are destined as presents. But there will be one more for sale than planned as Aunt in Belfast has died.

I started getting these calendars printed as gifts for her and for Aunt. Aunt in Belfast never met Cat or MasterB, but she owned and was owned by a beloved ginger and white who took refuge in her bathroom after an altercation with a car. Jan(us) died several years ago, but remained very much alive in her memory.

Cat and MasterB became surrogate cats to love from a distance.

I’m flying over for the funeral and a gathering of the diminishing clan. Uncle Bill, now 93, has organised everything. Of Mother’s siblings only two now remain.

We move into the front line, and I, for one, want my cat with me..


12 thoughts on “Le Calendrier Ginger Ninja 2015 est Arrivé (and a darn sight nicer than Beaujolais Nouveau)

    • To be honest, each time I have seen her in recent years I have thought she looked very frail. I don’t know the cause of death. She avoided seeing the doctor – he made her go to hospital a few years ago and she was not eager to go there again, her routines did not fit well with the hospital’s. She was a real nightbird, reading into the wee small hours.
      We ed to write to each other and exchange books. Each recent card or letter from her apologised for her handwriting, but she expressed herself well and I always enjoyed deciphering the messages.

  1. “move into the front line” – apt description given the Great War discussion.
    My mother is distinctly unhappy about being the last soldier standing.
    Condolences on your aunt’s passing. May there be many ginger cats for her in heaven.

  2. So sorry to hear of the death of your aunt, Isobel. I hope the funeral goes well and that the memories invoked of your mum and her funeral will be beautiful ones.

    • I understand my cousin Tom is taking the service, which will be short as it is at the crematorium. He is a great storyteller, but he may find this one harder as she was an intensely private person.
      We are all glad she died at home, unexpectedly, and that she was not in hospital.

  3. So sorry to hear about your Aunt’s passing Isobel……these events always make us think of our own lives and loves, past and future……Sending hugs….

    Pam (and my elderly ginger ninja guy)

    • I think it is hardest on Aunt and on Uncle Bill. To have been one of seven, and to find their numbers so dwindled, knowing their own deaths can’t be far off, must be sobering.
      Bill remarked to Aunt after Mother died that they were now only three.

  4. So sorry about your Aunt Isobel. I know it is sad to see family go. I have no one left in my family. I will be thinking of you.

    You know I would very much like a MasterB calendar. Sorry I haven’t been here but I haven’t been feeling well.

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