Of MasterB, Calendar Postage, Feline Urinary Tract Problems, Vet Bills, and Dominant Girl Cats

This blogging every day business is quite demanding. I know I have done it in the past, but maybe my life is just less interesting these days. Fortunately I still have MasterB, whose good looks and charm always entertain me, and hopefully he entertains you too.

For those of you across the pond wanting a calendar of the Ginger Ninja I have checked out the postage and packing and it comes to £5, so a total of £13, though if you want more than one calendar the postage will be less. The earlier you order the better as Christams posting deadlines loom. It’s easy to pay me via PayPal  but please make sure you make the payment in pounds sterling rather than US dollars.

The Ninja Boy himself has finally gone outside. We were both in the garden earlier, but so was Cookie. She stalked and went to leap on him when he was having a private moment. I shooed her away, but she was soon back. She is a very sweet cat, but oh so dominant. Cat would have banished her by now, but I think MasterB’s mother must have told him that fighting seldom solves anything and that he must never ever hit girls. So this little tabby thing, who is half his weight, has the upper paw, causing the ginger one to flinch, scurry and opt to come back indoors.

We were back at the vet’s on Saturday morning. I had earmarked the time to go and investigate smart but waterproof shoes and boots. From my online browsing, I was expecting to have to pay something in the region of £120 for what I wanted. The vet bill came to £115, so although I didn’t get the shoes/boots, my calculations of expenditure were about right.

The results of the tests on the pee sample I collected showed lots of crystals in his urine. I had already placed an order for a special diet, but then on Saturday after breakfast, although he was playful, he was climbing in and out of his tray, squatting, producing nothing, getting out, climbing back in again for a repeat performance.

I called the vet. She guided me through how to examine him to see if he was blocked. My efforts returned a negative – a negative later confirmed when she in turn examined him – but he was so obviously in discomfort that I was advised to bring him in.

Now you may remember that MasterB is beloved by the vet. His photo adorns her van; he is the poster boy online and in the surgery. Although they were very busy, the three vets had made time to discuss how to proceed in his treatment.

Basically it boiled own to hitting the problem with drugs and the change of diet. I have learned that while he is very compliant with pills, he really does not like having medication squirted into the side of his mouth from a syringe.

The new food is a success. Or almost. It doesn’t seem as satisfying as his previous food, so sticking to the recommended quantities and his diet is harder. He is now a dab paw at the purple catcher dish, designed to slow down his biscuit consumption, so I can’t count on that to make the food last until bedtime.

The most important thing is that he is well. he has come up with a new game where he hides under the balnket draped over the chair and waits for me to throw things onto it. This induces much happy activity, and I can follow up with the feather tickling stick which never fails to thrill him.

When I think about how much joy he brings me, £115 isn’t really that much.


11 thoughts on “Of MasterB, Calendar Postage, Feline Urinary Tract Problems, Vet Bills, and Dominant Girl Cats

  1. Excellent pics again Isobel and sorry to hear Master B is inconvenienced but hope the meds sort things out. It’s a bit of a mystery to me how you tell if your cat has pee/poo problems if they go outside under a bush? Did he have other symptoms to begin with?

    • Thanks for the compliment. I think I should have asked the same question. Certainly where Cat was concerned, I remained ignorant for a very long time about how often he had diarrhoea and just how badly because he disdained the indoor facilities and spent so much time outside.
      The thing that alerted me to MasterB’s problem was that when he came indoors, having been in the garden an hour or more, he headed straight for his tray. Do yours have a tray or trays inside as well?

    • The problem with the new food is that it doesn’t seem as filling as has the Feringa, so in the evening he wants more. By six this morning he could not wait any longer for his breakfast and showed much determination to get me up and into the kitchen. I think he may have learned a thing or two from Cookie.

  2. oh, hope the new food and meds work for him. MasterB is family, so the money spent on him is not so much an expense as it is an investment, and you are obviously are already reaping the rewards. i know that some people think that it’s a waste of money to leave money at the vet, but those of us who have the privilege of sharing the home with a much-loved and very loving pet know otherwise.
    Timmy sends purrs. Timmy himself is an alpha cat, and would not do well with another cat in the picture. it is fascinating how they all have such unique personalities.
    looking forward to continued good reports on MasterB’s recovery. 🙂

    • That is what I am telling myself at about the bills too! Cat would have banished Cookie months back. MasterB is very gentle. If she would show him some respect I think they could get n quite well. She wants to play, he shrinks and then she starts to bully him. Fascinating but not much fun for him, and still the most likely cause of his urinary problems.

    • Me too. I need to repeat the pee collection in a month or so. If Cookie is still about he will definitely remain on the diet. In fact he may stay on it for life, but there is a chance that he will grow out of this as way to respond to stress.

  3. Interesting that the bullying is causing Master B such stress and related medical problems, Isobel. Perhaps he needs a course in assertiveness to help him deal with Cookie and form a better relationship with her. I just wish politicians would realise, as Master B seems to, that fighting seldom resolves anything. The world might then be a nicer and safety place. Perhaps they all need a cat to teach them how to solve problems differently. Do so hope the new diet solves Master B’s urinary problems.

  4. Glad to hear MasterB is better……..I hope he adjusts to the new food and the problem with crystals and his discomfort disappears and STAYS gone. His new game sounds like fun. Sam has always enjoyed “tents”……although it’s been a while now since he used his. We’re still working on getting his medication down him every day and it seems we have less time for play!

    Hugs, Pam

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