Finishing My Book, Sending Calendars, MasterB Health Update

An early night tonight with the last hundred pages of my book. I have been reading The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton on and off for weeks now. It is exciting to see how all the threads come together and tie up, and although I am so near the finishing the book, I have not worked how it will end.

Earlier in the year I went to a talk she gave. It was just after my broken wrist was operated on, and I remember being extraordinarily tired, and extraordinarily impressed when she explained the structure of the book. It was after she read from it that I realised I should have to read it. There is a host of characters and to start with I was quite lost. Slowly the story gripped me. I have been reading it as an ebook which has its advantages and disadvantages; The Luminaries is a long book and a paper copy would be cumbersome, but it would also allow me to flick back through the pages to remind myself who is who. The ebook version allows me to read anywhere, and so far plane rides and hair cuts have been the times when I have really settled down and made progress. Although I have not yet reached the end of the book, already I think it is one that I shall enjoy rereading. It strikes me that there are so many layers to it, so much I have missed n the first reading, that this is a book that could keep me interested for years to come.

Celia has recommended H is for Hawk, which like Atul Gawande's Being Mortal, was shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction. Unlike Being Mortal, it won. By chance I had read the first few pages when I dropped by a book shop recently, and thought it a book I should like to read. Another to add to the pile.


Celia is very bad for my book habit. I do try to cull my books from time to time, but we have been to a number of readings where there have been book signings afterwards aand my resistance has been lowered. The first book I ever had signed by the author was Paddington Abroad by Michael Bond. I think I passed it on to my nephews along with a number of first edition Noddy book. I have obviously been culling the wrong things.

The first calendars went into the post today which was quite exciting. I am hoping they will sell quickly and that I shan't have anxious moments wondering if I am going to have a pile of them left over.

The calendars' subject, MasterB, has barely been outside today. He has had his chances, poked his nose round the door, surveyed the street, found himself nose to nose with Cookie and retreated up the stairs. He did go right into the garden an hour or so ago and I hoped he'd have some time there, but as I reached the door he raced to join me and shot inside again.

He has played quite a lot today though, which means I have been kept on my toes. The feathered toy is two feathers and a piece of silver paper the less, and the rug has been beaten into submission any number of times. He has completed one of his medicines, is very good about swallowing his tablets, and the third medicine goes on his food.

There have been no dances in and out of the litter tray, just a couple of visits to it, so he seems fine at the moment.


12 thoughts on “Finishing My Book, Sending Calendars, MasterB Health Update

    • The trouble is that books breed while you are out. I have culled so many books over the years that it seems impossible to me that my shelves are overflowing now. I have a bag of books which at some point I hope to sell. Perhaps we should get a table at one of the local sales and get rid of our books and end up with enough money to buy more.

    • Overly bold, dominant, and full of energy. I don’t think she starts by meaning to startle and worry MasterB, but once she has appreciated how he reacts, she then really pushes him around.

  1. I have read H for Hawk & have Being Mortal on the shelf waiting for me! Great minds and all that.
    Sorry to read about your loss, Isobel, & Aunt’s scares. Read lots. Enjoy MrB. Look after yourself

  2. I have really enjoyed the calendar I bought last year – but realize it is extra effort for you to arrange everything. How about if we leave it for now – and if you find you have some left I will buy one.

    • It is no effort really. I just go to the post office as I do with the others, arrange it to go airmail and you pay via PayPal! I have to post a parcel to a friend so shall be going day or tomorrow anyway.

    • The food does not seem as filling as his usual stuff, and each morning I am menaced into getting up to serve breakfast. Then it is a matter of trying to make it last so there at least a few biscuits at bedtime.
      He is right beside me at the moment, dozing, and keeping my let thigh nice and warm. What a good boy!

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