Better Late Than Never

I know I am late. Technically this post is Friday, but I am still at Thursday.

There is a good reason for my lateness. We have been reading poetry down the road in a wonderful house that is the TRA building for the local community.

I want to move there. Anywhere that has such a civilised set up is a good place to live. We drank wine, ate cashew nuts, cake and crisps, read poetry, told stories.

My favourite story concerned a Round Robin. One of those Round Robins you sometimes receive at Christmas that recount the family’s achievements in the third person.

This particular family had sent the Round Robin in the form of a leaflet with one page for each family member. There were four semi-adult children. Each child had a page. Three of these pages had a photo followed by a paragraph listing their exalted academic achievements.

The fourth had a picture, and celebrated the fact that X had lost half a stone that year.


4 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Losing half a stone takes determination and commitment, as I know only too well, so I would say that’s a good achievement. A lovely anecdote from your poetry evening, Isobel

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