Ghost Leaves

At this time of year, I love the way the leaves leave impressions on the pavements; their ghostly images  stencilled on concrete.

Today I took some pictures of them.

Let’s just say the results were rather dull.

Now if you follow this blog, you’ll know I am not a great fan of editing photos, adjusting the temperature, saturation etc. I think it’s probably a hang up from my SLR photography days, and a misguided desire for photographic truth. A truth I don’t hesitate to suppress when I delete out of focus pictures. So I thought I’d have a bit of a play.

There won’t be any prizes for these versions either, but I do find it fascinating how by playing with the colour values etc you can completely change the mood. And that last one could be the cover of a novel featuring murder and dark dark deeds.

But I still prefer what I see with the naked eye on the pavements; the shadows of leaves that have gone; ghosts of summer that will slowly dissolve and fade to nothing.

29 thoughts on “Ghost Leaves

  1. I vEntered into the garden to finish off the cutting back. While there, I thought I’d brush up the leaves from the trees in the garden that backs onto our. I was surprised to see the imprints! Might go have a play in the morning!

  2. I used to do an awful lot of editing when I first discovered photoshop and get some interesting results but I rarely do these days, partly lack of time and partly preferring the original.

  3. Hello Isobel,

    Fascinating. I like the haunting, fossilised images of the leaves. I, too, have begun to look for them on the pavements. That and, of course, any loose change that may be beside them.


  4. I love my post editing program because it helps me correct what my camera produced to look more like what I saw. I’m still not good enough with my camera to find all the correct settings to capture everything correctly.

  5. First I like the idea of taking photos of “Ghost Leaves” – I did like your edits too because you get a different perspective of the leaves and besides it’s just fun to play around with effects to see what you can come up with.

    • Thanks Ida. We have rain this morning so more leaves down and imprinting themselves on the pavements.
      The edits made me think of textile patterns. Someone with more skill than I could use the ghost leaves to create textiles for interior decorations.

  6. I was already reluctant to make the switch from film to digital a few years back, and for some time after I did I preferred not to do any post-processing. But over the past year, I’ve begun to explore my Canon’s internal filters and effects, as well as engage in some more aggressive Photoshop editing. While one can get carried away (and I certainly have), sometimes those tweaks can really enhance the power of a photo.

  7. Hello again Isobel,

    Clive Anderson’s radio 2 programme yesterday featured an interview with a young boy that collects animal bones. He is an expert on these things and has his own website.
    It was an interesting interview and the boy is a committed environmentalist.

    When listening I immediately thought of your Ghost Leaves post. With no forests near me I will forgo bone collecting and stick to looking for fossil leaves.

    • Thanks TR, I shall have a listen. I didn’t even know Clive Anderson, who I like very much, had a Radio 2 show!
      I am flattered you remembered this post after so many months.

  8. Your post was a memorable one, Isobel. I hunt for ghost leaves even when they’re out of season.

    Glad to hear you like Clive Anderson. Clive is a Glasgow Rangers FC supporter so he’s alright in my book. The show which he presents is called Loose Ends.

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