Flushed with Pride

We’ve had Harvest Festival, Hallowe’en, Guy Fawkes night, The Lord Mayor’s Show, Remembrance Sunday, so what’s next?

I saw my first outdoor, proper Christmas tree today in Leadenhall Market; Bond Street has decorations up on a White Peacock design; Marks and Spencer is selling ordinary groceries in Christmas themed packaging, so it seems like the Festive Season is upon us.

But hold on a moment. According to my diary, it’s World Toilet Day on Wednesday, not to be confused with National Toilet Paper Day which is a US celebration that occurs on 26th August.

Strangely, I could find no cards to mark World Toilet Day; there were precious few birthday cards for sale either. God help you if you are born in November or December, it’s glitter and Nativity scenes, perky robins and Ho Ho Hoing all round.

Nor am I quite clear what the etiquette is around gifts for World Toilet Day. Some eco-friendly cleaner perhaps, or maybe a snazzy brush like the one I have on das Boot. I’d actually like a new loo seat (white plastic would be fine), if anyone is offering.


There are some wonderful toilet facts and figures out there. Some that might make you smile include these:

  • Toilets are in tune: most flush to E flat.
  • You have a one in 10,000 chance of being injured in a toilet
  • Psycho was the first film to show a toilet flushing. The scene caused complaints of indecency.
  • King George ll died falling off a toilet on 25th October 1760.

There is of course a serious side to all this. Astonishingly, more people globally have access to mobile ‘phones than working toilets.

Every year some 60 million children are born into homes without adequate sanitation.

People, especially women and young girls forced to defecate in the open are vulnerable to attack and disease. Remember the shocking cases of rape in India earlier this year.

So on Wednesday, put the Christmas decs to one side, and join the United Nations, WaterAid and others around the world in saying thank-you to your toilet.

You can visit the official site by clicking here.


17 thoughts on “Flushed with Pride

  1. I find it so sad that more people globally have access to mobile ‘phones than toilets. That’s quite a shocking statistic and, I guess, says rather too much about global priorities. It’s dreadful that something we take so much for granted isn’t available to so many people globally and that women and girls are being raped and killed because of it. There is enough money in the world to solve problems like this but, sadly, the men with the money don’t give a toss about the needs of society, and I can’ twee that changing any time soon.

    • I am guessing ‘I can’t wee…’ is a typo, am I right? Did you follow the link? The page is a nice blend of the light and the serious I think, raising smiles and important issues in equal measure.

      Spread the word. Talk about these issues. That starts the work.

  2. For a moment there, Isobel, I thought you were taking the p…. but no 🙂

    I’d like to celebrate Mr Thomas Crapper, who pioneered built-in toilet fittings and brought them out of the closet, so to speak!

  3. Because I wasn’t paying attention in class I forgot the philosopher who invented a toilet. Wittgenstein I hope. Regarding mobile phones vs sewers: the former has a satellite connection that is already in place because of us rich people in the rich countries and the latter requires building and construction. I guess we all knew that. Sewage; such an interesting subject in the history of London. I think I might make a donation, monetary of course, in celebration of a friend’s birthday coming up. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Injured on the loo. I haven’t done that yet and considering some of my embarrassing injuries it’s only a matter of time. More phones than toilets. Now that’s a depressing fact.

  5. I have fainted once in my life and fell on the loo! And then hit the tub. I would have no trouble deciding between a phone and a toilet.. or TP for that matter. I am a bit strange when it comes to TP, it has to be a specific kind and I take it on vacation with me. I feel like bathrooms have gotten a bit too ridiculously luxurious in the states.

    • Oh my, I wonder if TBM has read this.
      Can a bathroom be too luxurious? When I remember the cold comfort that was the bathroom in the house where I was born, I am very appreciative of my heated towel rail and hot shower.

        • Sorry Isobel.. I forget we don’t get the same TV shows. HGTV is a 24/7 home design show with all kinds of over the top homes and gorgeous makeovers. We don’t have a big family room, it’s maybe 11’x20′. I think I want a heated towel rack now though.. 😀

        • We may have that programme, but playing on a channel I don’t watch. So is a family room a living room?
          I got my heated towel rail by accident. It was bought for my mother’s bathroom when she had it turned into a wet room, but the regs said she couldn’t have it there. I love it. No damp towels in winter. And so lovely to wrap a warm tole around you when you ste put of the shower.

        • I think of a living room as being more formal than a family room, so I think of them as being a different space. But I am sure that many people use their living room as a family room. And to confuse you more we spend most of our time in our kitchen and the ‘great room’ which is just one big open area with a loft. There is a farm table where we eat, a big comfy couch and chair and it is where we watch TV, play on the computer and read. There are probably people that read here that know more about interior design that could answer better. Is living space different over the pond? I must google home designs in England.

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