The Cat’s Agenda

Left to myself, I’d be in bed right now, probably asleep, possibly still reading; teeth cleaned, face creamed, pyjamaed and cosy.

I was working this evening and got home shortly before eleven. Himself was pleased to see me.



I thought he might like to go out. So did he. But when I came in, so did he. He wanted to play. With me. These pictures aren’t from the past hour but they could have been.

Now I love my cat. Anyone who reads this blog knows I love my cat. I am pleased and flattered that a game with me is high on his list of Favourite Things To Do. But an hour of playing? A whole hour, at this time of night?

I threw toys for him to leap at and catch; rolled the tennis ball so he could cover it and kill it; waggled the feather thing; hid the feather thing under the rug; retrieved silver paper from beneath the sofa.

Finally, at midnight he thought he’d go out.

I reckon it was because I had issued an ultimatum: Out, or Bed. He chose out. I told him he has half an hour.

So now I am going to clean my teeth and do all those other things, and hope that when he comes in, he thinks having a sleep is a good idea.

Just who is in charge around here? That’s what I want to know.


17 thoughts on “The Cat’s Agenda

  1. Should you actually be asking about the hierarchy in your home? We all know what it looks like. Get with the programme woman! 😉

  2. how delightful! i really love the string theory, and ‘under here’. what a character. 🙂
    looks like i have some posts to catch up on. have been away a bit this weekend. always a delight to see MasterB’s face 🙂

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