Hyperbolic Heights and Ginger Genius

The first two reviews in writing of the 2015 Ginger Ninja Calendar came from recipients in Belfast. First up, Uncle Bill, retired professional photographer:

Some lovely pictures of your splendid cat, but September 2014 is my all time favourite!

This is the one he’s talking about, probably not my boy’s Finest Moment. But it’s Uncle Bill’s wife who requested the calendar, so fair enough. P1120185 Next, Kate, Aunt in Belfast’s carer:

I received your gorgeous calendar yesterday.

Obviously I was purring nearly as much as MasterB by this time. Aunt rang to say how pleased she was with her copy, and confided she has kept the 2011, 2012 and 2013 versions too, and enjoys looking at them. All the feedback has been good, including the backhanded “you must have a good camera!” and “did you take the photographs?” said in a rather disbelieving tone accompanied by eyebrows extremely raised. But I had to wait for the arrival of the calendars in the US for true exuberance. Maybe it’s a difference of cultures, or maybe MasterB’s Stateside fans really do admire him more. Pix’s email positively skipped with pleasure, and she followed it up with a comment:

MasterB is most handsome and sweet in the new calendar. I get so excited for MasterB’s calendar every year! His November 2014 little ginger face is very expressive. There really is something very special about seeing him every day.

Then another:

It’s a lovely calendar! 😀 Full of Ginger Ninja wonderful-ness!

Then a third:

This is my third MasterB calendar. I look forward to it every year. Isobel’s photos are lovely and seeing MasterB every day is a joy. Ordering and paying is simple. I am pretty sure I smile every time I walk by MasterB in the morning.. 🙂

By this time I was more Cheshire cat than smirking Siamese. But it was Kathy who reached for the hyperbolicical heights.  I did my best to ignore the irony floating along the surface, but alas, she spoiled it with the last paragraph; that  ‘Sadly..’ is a dead give away.

When the calendars arrived my co-workers were, of course, impressed with how handsome is MasterB! But everyone commented that the quality of the photography and the intimate relationship between artist and model are what set these calendars apart. Perhaps not the intimacy of Stieglitz and O’Keefe – unless Master B has taken up painting? – but you get the picture. Here is a real cat doing his daily cat things captured quite beautifully. October is my favorite. I ordered the second calendar as a gift to a fellow fan of felines; prior knowledge of the GInger Ninja is not required to make this an excellent holiday option. Plus, I enjoy expanding the world wide distribution of the Ginger Boy. Seriously, Isobel, if you ever find yourself in our neck of the woods, I know someone who would like to engage you for a photography session with her cat. You have an eye for the feline.

However, not sure I can claim to be his Stieglitz, but MasterB has taken up painting. I give you his first oeuvre: Banksy-like, it is in public, on a paving stone just outside the street door. I expect hourly for it to be stolen and sold for millions to a private collector. The texture of his chosen ‘canvas’ makes it look almost abstract, but look closely, and you will see it is truly representational. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Only the most philistine of minds could ask, “But is it art?” Yes, greatness beckons. I feel the next calendar may be works by the Ginger Genius, rather than photos of him in Ninja mode. You can order your copies in advance.


7 thoughts on “Hyperbolic Heights and Ginger Genius

  1. Mr September may not be his finest moment but it’s certainly one of the funniest! It would make a very good greetings card. Good luck with His Master’s Calendar 🙂

  2. Milking me for another accolade are you? I am most serious that a feline owner in my office is very much interested in your services. She thought your photography stunning – cat model aside – would love to have you photo her moggie.

    But as to MasterB taking up the arts. Not quite sure what media he is using from the picture but a splendid effort none the less.

    That he his your muse is most evident. As with many artist/model relationship, the model does like to make his own statement. Brava to you for accepting his expanding horizons and I am certain you will encourage his artistic expressions.

    • Well only if you want to!

      Someone who bought a calendar as a gift for a friend liked your and Pix’ comments so much she is including them with the present.

      Be sure I shall be using your comments next year if I do another calendar. 🙂

      I very much appreciate your friend’s interest. It would be a very different experience to photographing MasterB I think. Most of these photographs are a record of what it is like to live with him, and serendipitous rather than planned. I wanted more pictures of him in the tree, but I never seemed to have my camera with me when he climbed into it.

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