Absentee Reader Apology and a Playful Cat

First up, an apology.

I tend to catch up on other blogs on the iPad, and apart from the odd few for which I receive email notifications, I go to the Reader option.

It dawned on me last night that it seemed a long time since some of those people i normally read had posted.

I clicked on Speccy‘s gravitar which links to her page. She has been posting all along; lots of posts. She’s even been to London and I might have been able to contact her and arrange to meet. But I didn’t because I hadn’t seen her posts.

So apologies all round. I have not been boycotting anyone’s page, and now I know, I can try to do something, though probably not tonight, and actually not tomorrow and I am not sure about Sunday or Monday either.

Second up, and always a balm to the soul, some pictures of MasterB. He has been in full on play mode this week which is both endearing and wearing.

He is peeing for London, so much improved, and in about a week I shall get to hone my pee collection technique once more.


14 thoughts on “Absentee Reader Apology and a Playful Cat

  1. Those are great pics! You’ve had so much going on in your world recently, there’s no way other people’s blogs could have been top of your list.
    It would have been lovely to meet up, but I may have fallen asleep on your shoulder 😉

  2. he is such a handsome, dapper fellow, MasterB is. i love when cats show so much enthusiasm and exuberance when they are playing. actually, it is only us humans who seem to think it is play. in actuality, it is some very fine-tuned hard but enjoyable work 🙂
    i only seem to get notification for about two or three blogs, too. i think the Reader is quite in need of repair.

    • The whole WordPress app seems to be a mess at the minute. I am very disappointed in the Reader.

      But I disagree with you about the play; MasterB is definitely playing, wanting to interact, and enjoying every minute.

      • oh, yes, he is most definitely enjoying it, and Timmy does too. in fact i have never seen a cat more passionate about playing than Timmy. but as much as he enjoys it, he seems to be taking it very seriously, all focused and intense. like a serious job. but maybe that’s just Timmy’s personality.
        i used to have a cat that could be a bit stubborn about coming when called. all i had to do was shake a snack bag, and she would come running.
        but Timmy can be bribed with play. if he has been visiting his downstairs neighbour and is hemming and hawing about coming upstairs, all i need to do is shake one of his rattly toys, and he comes running, ready to play fetch. 🙂

        • But aren’t we all serious about play? It’s fun and totally absorbing at its best.
          The grey ninja slept on my lap earlier. Now MasterB seems determined to keep an eye on me.

  3. I never read the people I follow from the Reader. I love the whole experience of clicking to their blog and seeing comments and if I read from the Reader I would miss your pretty new header and your tweets and what you are currently reading. Yay for MasterB and peeing.. 😀

    • Don’t you click on the see-whole-post option which takes you to the page?

      Very good peeing by MasterB despite the presence of Simba as well as Cookie in his garden.

    • Miss Cookie came in tonight. I din’t let her into the falt though she was very keen, but i gave her biscuits on the landing. She sells herself very well, if MasterB were to accept her I should be very very tempted to take her on.

  4. I am doing some much-needed blog-catching-up myself, and I know what you’re going through with the pee collection! (Though we have faced the opposite problem with a canine urinary tract infection; Miles was overdrinking and had to go out multiple times a night. The things we do for our furry companions….)

    • My pee collection duties are, I suspect, easier than yours.
      I have some special non-absorbent cat litter and just have to use a pipette to collect the pee, then decant it into a sample tube.
      I am still not sure how to get it into my CV.

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