Leaping Bunny Hidden Bloodshed

Nice to see the snow effect back on the page. I had forgotten about it.

I finished We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and survived. I was so worried about Fern; I had horrible images of her with electrodes attached to her brain; ghastly experiments in the name of progress that I don’t want to even think about; experiments that will benefit mankind at the expense of other members of the animal kingdom.

Small wonder then, that taking refuge from the cold wind at the bus stop last night when Celia and I went into the adjacent shop and we looked at the largish range of shampoos on sale, I was checking for those with the leaping bunny symbol.

Not a single bottle of shampoo we looked at had the symbol. How many rabbits have had their eyes rendered sore and stinging, and in some cases blinded, in the cause of shiny human hair?

I am a sporadic supporter of PETA and as a result I receive the magazine. this time I can’t even take off the plastic cover; the stories promised inside sound so horrific.

How did we reach this point where we as a species deem it acceptable to inflict such pain and suffering on other sentient creatures in the name of beauty or science?

Octavia shocked me to silence the other day by suggesting she found the fur trade acceptable. Fur is beautiful; very beautiful when worn by the animal it belongs to, but I find it physically repulsive to the point of nausea when worn by a human being, just as I do the thought of those lampshades made from human skin by serial killer Ed Gein.

The season of goodwill often means gifts of bubble bath, shower gels and other lovely smellies. If you are planning to buy any as presents, could you just check that the leaping bunny is on the packaging and that your gift does not represent the blood, pain, fears and screams of another animal.

And please, please, please, don’t support the fur trade.

10 thoughts on “Leaping Bunny Hidden Bloodshed

  1. I had always accepted the fur trade was wrong and hideous without questioning it. Some years ago I happened to spend an evening in the company of a woman who was very knowledgeable about fur coats, looking at a series of women wearing their fur coats. In the normal run of things I would have shuddered in disgust. But as it was, I actually looked at the coats, and learned about them, and found some of them beautiful. It made me question my previous attitude. I am not a vegetarian. I eat meat and I accept a world where animals are bred in captivity for various uses for humans. I also accept a world where animals are used to test medicines and I know many people whose lives have been extended as a result. It is not comfortable territory. I struggle to define exactly where I stand.

    • It is very uncomfortable territory. The ad I included in this post had a profound effect on me. If I see someone wearing a fur coat, however beautiful, I see that image of blood too.
      I wish the Queen would give up those furs she wears on State occasions. In the past people would know your social status by the furs you wore; rabbit for the lowest, ermine for the highest.
      I prefer to see the coat on the animal it belongs to.

    • I don’t think that meat eating is a bar to being against the fur trade, if even connected.
      Clothing is a political issue. From cotton that is grown using so many chemicals that the workers’ health is jeopardised, to sweatshops exploiting workers and putting their lives at risk. I wish there were something similar to the leaping bunny symbol for clothing so that you would know if it had been ethically produced.

      • True. I know people who buy cheap new clothes every year and chuck last year’s stuff. Appallingly wasteful and lots and lots of money in the pockets of the sweatshop owners.. ;-/

        • Yes, and shopping for clothes has become an acceptable hobby with new outfits every week. Weird. You should see the number of Primark bags being carried about on a Saturday in London.

        • It’s wasteful, unnecessary and keeps the sweat-shop bosses rich. If these women gave a thought to the people who are enslaved in terrible conditions to produce this stuff..

          Someone told me there were trainers in Primark for £4 last year. Four pounds and that was with the usual mark-up. Imagine how little the factory workers were paid for that? It’s immoral.

          Rant over.

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