Cookie Cat Crisis at Christmas

We are heading for a possible crisis.

Cookie cat. Christmas.


On Friday night she slept in my flat. On my bed. MasterB relegated to the sitting room. I really don’t want a repeat of this. She is lovely; a sweetheart of a cat, but this is MasterB’s home and I don’t want him to become Cat Number Two. On the other hand, I don’t want her freezing her fur off outside in the December nights.

She came in tonight. MasterB was out. There is a new cat on the block; a pretty black cat with a white bib. Cookie and MasterB in temporary alliance against it. Which is how Cookie ended up in here on Friday night.

Her visit informed me that she loves catnip. Tonight I handed her, with the catnip teabag she had lovingly and thoroughly licked, over to the neighbours who are taking most responsibility for her, but who are crucially away for Christmas.

She likes MasterB’s playcube too. Actually, her visits and her reactions make me aware of how this flat has gradually become extremely cat friendly. She must think she is in a cat playground.
MasterB sniffed a lot when he came in, but didn’t seem too worried. That surprised me.
On Saturday morning he definitely let her know he would like her to go; growling and hissing at her after a comparatively quiet night.
In theory, she still has a home. but even with the cold, she is not going there. It’s tricky. Do we actively take steps to rehome her, or just muddle on, trying to keep her healthy, safe and warm.

Answers on a postcard please.


19 thoughts on “Cookie Cat Crisis at Christmas

    • That is a question I can’t answer. We have the impression she has not been home for a while; preferring the cold to whatever home offers. There does seem one owner (she is co-owned by the people running the shop) who cares for her. It would maybe work if someone local took her on, and she was around. But that is not looking likely.

  1. If MasterB doesn’t kick her out and you don’t find an “owner” I think you just became a two cat home. Only 18 more before you officially become a “Cat Lady”.

    I am assuming she really does have a home and likes yours better – in which case whoever runs the joint she should call home needs a catnip and cuddle upgrade.

    Unless, and let us be romantic about this, she pines for MasterB’s noble features and is wooing him.

    I think MasterB loves only you. Perhaps you and Cookie need one of those talks.

    • No, she is not making a permanent home here. It would rock MasterB’s world. You are quite right about the real home I think. They also need a garden, because that is what first attracted her here. She also enjoyed the company when people were outside more in the summer, and trots after us when we go out now.
      She would make a lovely family cat.

  2. Oh, Isobel, what a dilemma for you! Maybe Master B’s just trying to act all masculine and nonchalant but deep down he really likes her.

    • The problem is for the Christmas period. I do not want her here in the flat. I suppose she could sleep on the landing if my neighbours are away, but even that proximity is likely to upset MasterB.
      At least we are thinking about the problem and how to solve it, rather than pretending it does not exist.

    • Spot on Gilly. And I do not want to keep her. I like her, I feel sorry for her plight, but my first responsibility is towards MasterB and keeping him happy and healthy. A second cat would not improve his life.

  3. She’s quite cute……probably really enjoying the attention but of course MasterB isn’t happy about that…..he’s used to having you “full-time” – Sam is much the same way. There have been a few “porch kitties” over the years but I know that he would never be happy with another cat in the house. We just “help” as we can with some outdoor shelters on our porch and feeding. Cookie is lucky you care……


    • Yes, and one of the things we are thinking about is making a waterproof, warm bed to leave in the garden for her over Christmas.
      She is lucky we care, and now spew are starting to wonder about where this new black and white cat has come from…

    • I think the home she wants has a cat flap allowing her freedom to come and go as she chooses. We may have one lined up for her, but not until Feb or March.

  4. This is exactly how my relationship with New Cat started. It was cold last December, I fed him and gave him water, as did some other neighbors. But when it was below zero and snowing, he came in one night, to the vet the next day and while I tried to find a home for him named him New Cat so wouldn’t get attached. Fast forward 11 months later and here he still is with me. Although I was super concerned about my other fur ball Teddy at first, NC has really become a buddy to Ted and they’ve laid down their boundaries. It’s turned out to be a happy accident for us. Good luck!

    • Oh dear. Everyone seems to be thinking Cookie could become a member of this household. I think not. She is a darling, but she is dominant, and my first concern is MasterB. If she moves in he will not be Top Cat. I want hime to retain his status. Plus, two cats cost twice as much as one. No, she needs a permanent home, but that homer is not the one MatwerB and I share.

  5. oh dear, that’s a tough one.
    i know a situation like that would not be doable in my home, since Timmy is an alpha cat and will not tolerate the presence of another. MasterB has done well to put up with her so far. but as you say, it is not a real solution.
    and yet i understand the dilemma, too, and it is kind of you to have taken her in out of the cold for the moment. are you able to take her to a pet shelter – but then there is the concern, will she be adopted? but in reading some of the comments, it looks like there is a possibility of a new home in feb or march, which is still quite far away….
    not really offering you anything at this time but hugs and sending you wisdom and blessings as you deal with this. all the best to you as this gets sorted out one way or another.

    • The central problem is that she has an official home but doesn’t go there, so we are looking after her collectively with no one person taking responsibility. I think the best solution would be to rehome her and hope the current owners don’t get another cat or mind to ouch. But if she were my cat, I should mind very much!

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