Three Cats

My life seems divided between work and cats at the moment. Heaven knows, when I was fifteen this is not how I imagined my prime; wondering about the reproductive status of cats and if a litter of kittens was going to be born in my garden.
And yet this is how it is. Plus worrying about how MasterB fits in with the latest feline dynamic, and hoping he is not being sidelined in his own garden. I’d hate him to feel left out.

So Beautiful

So Beautiful

As Cookie has not been howling for a mate and has reached double figures in months without becoming pregnant, the vet has calculated she was probably neutered when a kitten. But has the new kid on the block, this handsome black and white cat, got designs on her virtue?

S/he is very fixated on Cookie and follows and chases her around the garden. I am in two minds about how Cookie feels about this. Sometimes she reaches out with an aggressive swipe of her paw, at other times she seems okay with it.

But is the newcomer intact? Was that a glimpse of furry testicles I saw under his tail? S/he is nervous about humans, so any intimate examination is out of the question.

Monochromatically Handsome

Monochromatically Handsome

S/he hunts Cookie as a cat normally hunts a mouse; watching, pouncing. It seems neither playful nor lover-like.

When MasterB was outside he was also chased, and seemed bracketed with Cookie, but not quite part of the same story.



He’s outside now. Cookie is, I presume, in with the neighbours for the night, and the Black and White has left the garden.

I am just hoping it doesn’t end with fights or kittens.


15 thoughts on “Three Cats

    • No idea. S/he is glossily healthy, so am guessing has a home. Appeared at the end of last week and now seems intent on haunting the garden with Cookie as the prime object of his/ her interest. What’s the latest with BG?

      • Haven’t seen any sign of him for two weeks now. My two are still very nervous of going out but I keep the outside light on in the back garden at night and I think – although cats are supposed to see well – that the light actually makes mine more confident and may deter BG from lying in wait.

    • I know many owners call themselves mums and dads to their pets, but even if I were one of those owners MasterB is no longer able to pass his indisputably beautiful genes on to a future generation, so I think that firmly disqualifies me from grandmother status.
      The thought of rehoming a litter of kittens makes my heart sink.
      Mind you, if you ate suffering from the cold, there is little more comforting than a warm cat on your knee and being able to tuck your hands into its fur.

  1. Tuxedo cat with a mustache – must be a bit of a rake as well as a natty dresser. Brilliant melodrama photo essay of sweet Cookie Truelove, the possibly predator Tuxedo and our Hero attending to a suddenly very important grooming matter.

  2. Hoping your “interlopers” make an appearance today…….perhaps Cookie and the black/white eloped? Seriously though – hoping there are no worries about kittens….it’s a tough time of the year for little ones. Sammy was born in December and I shudder to think what might have happened to him if he hadn’t been rescued and taken to the shelter where we got him.


    • Thanks Pam. Both have been seen, but not together. I am curious to know where Cookie spent last night, but I suspect that will reman a mystery. Like you, I am really hoping she is not pregnant.

    • Lots of people have admired her, but all have cats and no vacancies. There are two possible homes interested in her but not until February at the earliest.
      Thanks for your concern, I appreciate it.

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