Room at the Inn

It had been a great evening. Carols; good company; my first time in a private drinking establishment in Soho.
I knew as soon as I opened the front door and MasterB shot out onto the landing that the litter tray had been used. The smell wafted sullenly through the air.
It was a pee and a poo. Well, I knew about the poo already from the smell.
But which cat?
Sharp eyed readers will be sitting up at this point, aware that I have just the one cat; the beloved MasterB, the ginger to cap all gingers, and that I am trying to get a pee sample from him to take the vet – hey it’s Christmas, everyone should have some treats.
So yes, Cookie has spent the day chez IsobelandCat. I was at home, and it was remarkably pleasant. There was one flash of aggression when MasterB approached her and disturbed her sleep. I have to say that when she disturbed him later, he was much more forgiving.
Both cats slept a great deal.



Very much to my surprise, MasterB invited Cookie to play. Part of my No I Do Not Want This Cat stance has been down to the lack of playful interaction between them. But I realised the other day it is also about my relationship with MasterB and my fear that a second cat would put his nose out of joint. Or put my nose out of joint and relegate me to second class ‘human’ status; an also ran. So how to react when he makes overtures of friendship to Her Tabbiness?
How About a Game?

How About a Game?

Well, practically. Two cats cost twice as much as one. This is a small flat and finding space for two litter trays wouldn’t be fun. He is on a diet; she isn’t. Going away on holiday and sorting and paying for care of one cat is hard enough. Two would be a nightmare.
So no, I still don’t want to keep Cookie, but it is looking a lot less stressful if, as seems pretty certain, I am to be the one taking care of her over Christmas.
More than ever, I feel strongly that she needs a good home and that in 2015 we should make every effort to ensure that is what she has. But maybe, if one day I ever have a flat with my own garden and a catflap, MasterB might welcome a feline companion.
It’s a thought.

15 thoughts on “Room at the Inn

    • We know where she has come from, that is how we know her name. The problem is that she does not want to live there. She has no garden and sems to have been acquired to deal with vermin. She’s a cat who knows her own mind, and she has evidently decided that she could do better.
      Now where the black and white cat comes from, that’s a question that I am going to circulate to neighbours later today.

    • I am fairly confident that in the New Year we can find her a good home. It’s the Christmas period where we need to make sure she is safe. Her official owners seem to have accepted that she has left them, and haven’t asked about her at all for several weeks.

  1. She’s a beauty and it’s nice to know she has a warm and loving home for the holidays. Fingers crossed she finds the perfect home in the New Year.

    • I think she’s a survivor. Partly from being too young to understand the danger she was in, partly from having a pretty outgoing nature and being very confident in het own fur, she has come through the autumn with her bounce intact.

  2. At least you’re not having cat fights in the flat……MasterB is “allowing” Cookie to occupy his domain which is after all one of those “Christmas spirit” things……bless him (and you!).


    • And it shows she can be rehomed with another cat. She came rushing up to me when I was leaving this morning, and looked quite disappointed when I headed out to the road. It’ll be interesting to see if she wants to come in when I get back. On 17 Dec 2014 11:27, “IsobelandCat's Blog” wrote:


  3. Oh MY! I love the picture of MasterB!!! Cookie’s picture too of course but MasterB.. the lighting, his sweet profile and those ginger paws! I am glad you are managing the whole thing so well Isobel. Cookie is lucky too have landed with you, it is where she wanted to be.. 🙂 I am sure she will find the perfect home with your help.

    • Thanks Pix. I think it could be in next year’s calendar! The light recently has been great and I have a few photos I like. The fact that Cookie comes inside and is fine will, I hope, be helpful when it comes to getting her a permanent home. We are keeping her socialised; she is demonstrating she us adaptable; and that, combined with her good looks, should carry the day. On 17 Dec 2014 12:20, “IsobelandCat's Blog” wrote:


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