Not Rocket Science

Squaring the papers into a neat pile makes them look a bit tidier, but fails to disguise they are papers.

This afternoon I began to reclaim the sitting room from the ever rising tide of stuff tghat gathers on every surface. The recycling bag was soon full, but some papers stubbornly refuse to leave.

When scientists talk of space challenges it’s usually to do with explorations beyond our planet. For me, a space challenge is an every day occurrence of living in a small flat and having an inadequate grasp of the rules of filing, also sometimes known as binning.

Something has to go.

Make that plural. Some things have to go. While the neighbours opposite are away on their Christmas hols, it is an ideal opportunity to sort stuff out and put it on the landing ready for despatch to charity shop/tip/recycling.

But it’s also my Christmas holiday, and the idea of emptying a cupboard on Christmas Day hardly fills me with delight. I shall also have two cats. I already have two cats. E left this morning and didn’t take Cookie, despite her best efforts to go with him.

Both cats are outside at the minute. They have been getting on better, but tonight MasterB has decided he doesn’t like his grey tabby girlfriend very much, so the more energy the pair of them can get rid of before bedtime the better. A bedtime that is fast approaching, as at the end of this sentence, or more probably the next one,I am off to the bathroom, and once washed and pyjamaed, I shall be getting the cats indoors.

So wish me a goodnight, and one where storage solutions visit my dreams in clear visions, and where both cats settle down easily in the respective beds and sleep until morning.


16 thoughts on “Not Rocket Science

  1. Hope you slept well, Isobel, and gained some clarity about your recycling and storage dilemmas. If you still can’t sort it out I’m willing to help. I’m ruthless at culling unwanted or unneeded “things”. M’s afraid I’ll cull him one day!

  2. Here’s to a day of finding order and space. My daughter is visiting from Texas and every so often I take something to her and ask if she wants it. If she says no I through it away. I have been in a cleaning out storage areas mood. Hope you have a good holiday.

    • I had an Ebay conversation with a friend, and I think 2015 may have to be the yaer when I learn to use it. I ahve a cupboard earmarked to sort and `i am hoping that most of what I take out will not go back in…

  3. I hope you had a thoroughly lovely Christmas, Isobel. We went about looking at the winter visiting birds, in particular the Sandhill Cranes.

    When I am in the mood, tossing out the accumulated papers is revitalizing. While it surely is tedious the after effects and pride in the tossing are most rewarding.

    Hope the Cookie situation crumbles well soon. While it appears MasterB would put up with a paying guest, your concerns about alienating his affections are well grounded.

    • Thanks Kathy. I am enjoying this Christmas enormously. Yes, I garee with you. It can be just wonderful to clear papers. The trouble is they never stop coming, and I swear that, like books, they breed whe I am out.
      Watching cranes sounds pretty marvelous. I imagine wide open spaces and big skies.
      MasterB knows he is my number one, and the salutary part of this experience is how I have learned that I monogamous in my mog relationships.

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