Of Christmas and the Neighbours, Cats, Uncle Bill’s Antibiotics, and Books

So how has Christmas been for you so far? Grand, I hope.

Mine has surpassed my expectations. I had expected to enjoy myself, but I have been having a simply lovely time, far more social and far more fun than anticipated.

Drinks with neighbours; meals with neighbours; walks with neighbours; Carols with neighbours. This has been a very local Christmas.

MasterB and I still have our house guest, Cookie Cat, though MasterB seems to have decided that like fish, three days is more than long enough to have this guest staying. We are now at day four, and the cracks are starting to show. However, we have her for about another three, and I hope there will be some rapprochement and no repeat of MasterB’s growling of last night.

It works best when they occupy the flat in shifts; one in, one out. Both are out at the moment. I hope when I go to fetch MasterB shortly that Cookie will come in too and there’ll be none of that Who-Do-You-Think-You’re-Following? attitude from MasterB.
Basket Boy

Cookie is being very meek, and has definitely understood this is his territory; submitting to him shoving her out of the way to eat her food without a murmur. It’s a complete contrast to their outdoor relationship where she seems to have the upper paw.
Contented Cookie
But for all his boorish behaviour, I would still say MasterB is very good. He has raised a paw to her, but there has been no actual fighting, and I am sure most cats would not have put up with Cookie’s presence at all. I shudder to think how Cat would have reacted if she come here while he was in charge.

Somehow this post has turned out to be all about cats which was not my intention.

Last night I had a worrying call from Aunt to say that Uncle Bill has had a fall and had to go to hospital for x-rays. He was allowed home and no bones were broken, but his knee was badly swollen and he sounded, in Aunt’s opinion, not his usual buoyant self when he called her.

Tonight I had another call from her to say he sounds a lot happier, and says he is not dying yet. From our conversation it seems as though he was more upset at being prescribed anti-biotics. In his ninety-fourth year, this is the first time he has ever had them, and he was not pleased. However, as his body has no immunity to them they are having an immediate effect on his knee and it sounds as though he’ll be out and about again in no time.

But if you are passing Saintfield, drop in with a book for him. With his mobility compromised he is getting in some quality reading time. Time to follow his example and repair to bed with my book.

17 thoughts on “Of Christmas and the Neighbours, Cats, Uncle Bill’s Antibiotics, and Books

  1. Is MasterB blushing or does he have a temperature? We might learn something from the cat world about how to behave when in another one’s patch. Happy to hear of your local Christmas and best wishes to your relations. We’ve been out to see the Sandhill Cranes and other wintering birds and enjoying our own locality. Still hoping to visit your location in late winter/spring.

    • I like the idea he might be blushing, but it’s just the sunlight
      lighting up his ears, and he has the pinkest nose I have ever seen. He was very nearly called Rudolph.

      There was a bit of a rumpus at six this morning. Cookie went out and calm was restored. But she is now having a terrible time with the b&w cat who will not leave her alone. I can’t even get her away from it to have her breakfast.

      Glorious sunshine today, but cold, so I think a walk with the camera calls.

  2. Glad you had a good Christmas Isobel……we did too on our side of the big pond. Sam’s sneaking up to his 15th birthday on New Year’s Day but doing just fine which was my Christmas wish this year. No snow yet! Cats seem to have a way of working things out when it comes to territory….in/out, up/down – they find some space of their OWN and sometimes learn to compromise on sharing other space. Cookie is a cutie…..but nobody is as cute as your boy.

    Hugs, Pam

    • I remember when Cat reached his teens and people kept telling me not to expect many more years with him. He was around seventeen when he died, not a youngster, but younger than many a cat. So here’s hoping Sammy lives a good long while yet, in the pink, and at the centre of your lives.

  3. Wow, I wonder if Uncle Bill is unique in the western world in getting to 94 without antibiotics. Good that he’s cheerier.
    Cookie is a lucky cat, both with your care and Bosun’s tolerance!

    • In his ninety-fourth year rather than ninety-four. He has ten months to go to that milestone. I hear from my cousin that they confidently expect Aunt Kath to reach a hundred. She is currently ninety-eight, and her birthday is some ten weeks away.
      Uncle Bill is blessed with good health. He doesn’t take pain killers either.

  4. Two beautiful pictures Isobel. I am glad to hear you are having a nice Holiday time. CH and I were talking about you last night at wine time and wondering how you were. And here is a post!!!! It seems pretty peaceful with MasterB and Cookie.. a good thing!

  5. What I like about MasterB’s nose is that it has remained perfectly pink. Mackenzie developed freckles on his nose, lips, and eyelids.

    It’s good that Cookie has recognised she is a guest.

    • What I live about MasterB’s nose is that it belongs to MasterB, is perfectly pink, and part of my perfect boy. 🙂 not that I am biased in any way you understand!

  6. I do hope your house guest behaves for a while longer. So good to hear that Master B has remembered his manners throughout (mainly!)

    • I had hoped that Cookie’s foster parents would be back today, but have had a message to say they are away until Wednesday. This evening I left both inside together. I came home to find MasterB squinting through a half closed right eye. No fur about the place, but I guess there was an altercation.

  7. A Good New Year to you from Mrs M, Dougal and me myself, Isobel.

    Best wishes to both you and to Master B. His calendar was a monster hit with sis-in-law who is officially besotted.

    I finally got to see his portfolio on Christmas Day. My favourite is August in the tree.

    • I am delighted to read this. He now has an Instagram account which your sister-in-law could follow. with luck, by 1st Jan 2016 I shall have an assured income from him!

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