Happy New Year!

Not the most original title I grant you, but heartfelt nonetheless.

I am hoping for a good 2015. That’s a lie; I am hoping for a wonderful 2015. It has a hard act to follow. My personal 2014 has been, for the most part, one of my best years in ages.

There have been low and sad spots. That goes without saying really. Beyond the personal, there have been some truly awful bits, and things that worry me for the future. Nigel Farage to name but one.

I haven’t decided on any New Year Resolutions yet. Last year’s was to visit those shops and businesses locally that I usually completely ignore. I didn’t do badly, but I didn’t manage to go into any of the slot machine emporiums, and I still don’t know how to place a bet.

For 2015 I am thinking vaguely about learning to use ebay to sell, or at least attempt to sell, things I no longer want, and maybe to sell Ginger Ninja 2016 calendars. My dream of MasterB earning my living for me is something that appeals no end.

I am hoping not to take too many accidental photos. A few months ago I accidentally photographed my nostrils. I hadn’t realised they were so big. For several days I was sneaking surreptitious looks at other people’s nostrils to try to work out if mine were normal. They are, in case you are asking. I only took one photograph today and that was one I didn’t mean to.

My Shoes - Navy Lace Up Fitflops

My Shoes – Navy Lace Up Fitflops

If you have been wondering what footwear I favour in winter, here’s your answer.
The day was dull and drizzly, and when the wind blew it was cold. I was working.

Put all those things together and it doesn’t sound like a great start to year.

Yet when I finished work this evening, and was walking towards the railway station, I was smiling to myself and thinking how lucky I am to do something I love; where I meet interesting people; where I get to exercise my brain and my curiosity. I had a real sense of joy in my life that is precious beyond the healthy bank account my work will never bring me.

The wolf is perilously close to the door at times, and occasionally taking up space on the sofa. But there are wolves and wolves. And this one is a wolf I should much rather have than the soul eating, joy sucking, tyrannical wolf of previous employment that gave me a regular income and left me sad and depleted.

Anyway, I like lentils.

Have a great 2015.


32 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I laughed out loud at the prospect of MasterB supporting you now and in retirement. Here’s to a wonderful 2015 to you, Isobel. I have really enjoyed our developing cyber-friendship.

      • I don’t think it unlikely at all – and it would seem he would have an existential crisis if his only purpose in life was to be handsome. Much better to be handsome and earn a few quid because of it. I think it is a splendid plan.

        • Phew. I feel re-encouraged! He needs to be ‘discovered’ possibly to raise his profile. You never know, your calendars might become collectors’ items!

        • Would aiming for the gift shop at the National Gallery be too high an aspiration? I have bought some delightful things there – and MasterB’s calendars are delightful.

        • Aiming might be okay, but the stuff in the NG shop tends to have a link to the exhibits. That might be harder. Still, aiming high is a good idea.

        • It’s a great gallery with very varied portraits. Also a much overlooked one. Time you made another visit Pat. We could have a coffee in the café.

        • I would love it, Isobel. We are talking about Ireland and if I come that far, I want to revisit some places in England and Scotland. Sounds like a long trip, huh?

  2. i also think there must be a way that Timmy could support me, lol. MasterB has certainly started out on the right paw so far.
    in any case, here’s to a fabulous 2015 for you. it’s still january 1 in my corner, but you are well into a new day. may it be a year of good health, sufficient sunshine and brilliant camera moments as well as one that is sufficiently sprinkled with unexpected blessings. Timmy, as always, sends purrs.

  3. Never having met in person, I cannot comment on your nostrils Isobel but I know I will probably spend the day looking at people’s noses! I have a word for the year rather than resolutions which I always failed with usually withing the first week of the new year! I do hope that wolf is kept well & truly away and that 2015 brings you all you wish for! xx

  4. Love your shoes and I’m sure I’d find your nostrils to be desperately “ordinary” in size (!!) – you made me giggle with this upbeat and uplifting post for the new year Isobel. Let’s hope it’s all we hope it to be……including keep the wolves at bay……and perhaps MasterB becoming your “sugardaddy/cat” which is a rather appealing thought!

    Hugs, Pam (and the ginger old guy)

    • They are very comfortable shoes. I have two pairs, but my black ones are slowly falling apart.

      Glad this made you smile. Here’s to a happy healthy 2015 for humans and fe’ines alike.

    • Fitflops ruin you for other shoes. Though I admit if I could get lace up Keens here I would be tempted.
      Yes, I am wearing jeans in the picture. I do like jeans, and I have two pairs that I almost live in at the minute.
      Yes. You have seen my broken wrist, my nostril, now my feet. It’s turning into one of those puzzle pictures!

  5. An interesting, thoughtful and upbeat post to start the new year, Isobel. We too are worried about Farage, not least because he’s standing in our constituency. Are Fitflops good? Someone else I know swears by them and says she only buys them when they’re on sale. Mind you, she does have quite big feet, not sure about her nostrils, though. Must check! Here’s to a year of being interesting, interested and fulfilled and successfully keeping the wolf from the door.

    • Hi Lyn
      I really like my FitFlop lace ups. I think I bought my first pair from Boots Online. They were delivered to my local branch and I brought them home. Had they not fitted, I could have returned them to the branch and not had any delivery charges to pay. Now I know what size fits me, I can order online from various sites, confident they will fit.
      John Lewis has some styles in stock usually.
      Farage in your constituency? That is worrying. Is he likely to be elected? I am guessing yes, or he would not be standing there.
      We are reading North and South for the book club. It’s years since I read it, and I think it was a timely choice. Irish workers are brought in at lower rates of pay when the hands go on strike. There are so many resonances with today.

      • We have a horrible suspicion you’re right, Isobel. Although I was somewhat heartened by a piece in The Observer on 4 January by Will Hutton, saying how his trip to the cinema had reminded him of the English distaste for hatred and how he doesn’t believe that UKIP will do as well in the polls as everyone seems to think because of this fact. I do hope he’s right.

  6. Happy New Year Isobel!! :-)) Look forward to many more lovely blogs in 2015.

    Oh and keep that wolf away from Master B. He won’t want anyone sharing his food!! 🙂

    • Thanks Jan, and the same to you. I always enjoy reading your posts. I just wish you posted more of them. 🙂
      I hadn’t considered MasterB’s stress levels if we had a Wolf living with us. And keeping him on his diet would be a nightmare. Cookie seems to think this is a Day Centre now Edwin and Rebecca are home, so hops through the front door and invites herself in, then looks for a snack.
      The sooner she finds a permanent home, the better.

  7. Never considered if my nostrils are normal size. Now I’m wondering. Wishing you a fantastic 2015 and I have high hopes Master B will help with the bills.

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