New Flowers and Shoes

There have been a couple of photo challenges recently I thought I might participate in, but suddenly it has been Friday again and a new challenge is posted.

The current challenge, New, is not one I thought I’d be contributing to. But behind the fading elegance of a rather splendid bunch of Christmas flowers, my Christmas cactus has come into timely bloom. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Pretty against the copper planter, it is a bright spot on a dull weekend.

We have been having dull days alternating with bright days, and today should have been bright. But it wasn’t. I couldn’t even see the Shard from my windows when I got up this morning. Moreover, it was cold. Two pairs of gloves and a beret cold, which on my rating means proper winter. Mind, I discarded the beret midway through the afternoon, so maybe we still have more degrees to drop before our coldest days.

I also saw these shoes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Parked neatly on top of a wall, the heels showed no signs of wear, and the maker’s name was clearly visible inside. But there is a scuff, quite a deep one, on the right shoe, and that combined with the vertiginous heels make me think their owner felt she had suffered enough in their wearing, and left them for a hardier soul with a better head for heights.

They weren’t my size, but I shouldn’t have been tempted even if they were. They look like torture instruments to me.

Give me my lace ups any day.

27 thoughts on “New Flowers and Shoes

  1. My Christmas cactus didn’t have the Christmas spirit this year I’m afraid BUT my amaryllis bulb DID bloom and it’s been gorgeous for a week or more…….and it’s “Christmas red”…….those shoes I’m afraid would put my head in the clouds and I spend enough time up there without heels like that!


    • I am hoping my amaryllis will bloom again in the spring, but thanks for the reminder. There are often post Christmas amaryllis bulbs in the sales ready to pot. I have a red one and a striped one. A white one would be nice.
      High heels just strike me as crazy. I don’t understand why anyone would choose to wear them. It’s like being shackled.

    • Seems like we are all in the same sensible shoe clan. Just looking at those heels makes my feet hurt. And imagine your poor toes squashed into the ends. Ugh!

  2. I have a very low tolerance for discomfort – even in the name of style. My feet were not designed for heels so I think I wore them only a couple of times. And of course never that high. Now I’m glad I didn’t because I don’t have any of the problems that women have who wore high heals.

  3. Is a “two pairs of gloves and a beret” day followed by a “three dog night?” Don’t know the conversion ratio of dog to cat. One medium sized dog = 2 cats? How is that going? Best again for the break-free 2015!

    • Oh the idea. No, I am back to a one cat night, and hoping it remains so.
      It seems a lot milder today, so maybe just the one pair of gloves and no beret.

    • This seems the time of year for finding shoes. A few years back there was the green one on a local window sill, then the foxes brought an outsize silver one into the garden to play with. What seems a good idea for a party presumably ends with crippling pain!

  4. My Christmas cactus only has the tiniest of buds so far. I wonder how long this sill shoe phase will last, they are ridiculous and dangerous as far as I’m concerned so I’m with you on the laces!

    • One of my neighbours always wore very high heels, and insisted she could not walk in flats. In the last few years she has started wearing Ugg boots. Not noted for their spiked heels. Some shoes are designed to look at rather than wear.

  5. How lovely your Christmas cactus photo is!
    I agree about the shoes. I have worn high heels in the days of Biba,Mary Quant and Carnaby Street but the many years of sensible teacher’s shoes have resulted in healthy feet with no corns!

    • Ah Sal, you were so much more glamorous than the rest of us! There’s a French film, Gazon Maudit, I think, where one of the male characters starts wearing trainers and is evangelical about their comfort ‘comme les pantoufles’ he says. The bottom of my wardrobe suggest I am the Imelda Marcos of se17, but it is all in the pursuit of the comfortable shoe.

  6. I was a bit worried when I saw those shoes Isobel as I could not imagine you in them so how! What a beautiful ‘new’ growth on that cacti. I seem to remember them having a will of their own when it comes to flowering!

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