A Circular Dilemma

I'd rather like to go to the loo, but MasterB is asleep against my left leg, his nose tucked into the bend of my elbow and he's making little happy noises into the wool of my jumper.

I might ordinarily disturb him, but Cookie has come inside, racing through the door a length in front of him and bounding up the stairs as one entirely within her rights to expect a welcome.


She is asleep on the chair. The two cats have had words. Paws have been raised in unplayful ways and there has been growling from MasterB. So now that he seems content and all is calm, I don't want to rock the boat, upset the applecart, or harsh his mellow.

I have read bits of the paper, but the main news section has dropped to the floor and I can't quite reach it. I should happily copy the cats' example and have an afternoon nap, but the two glasses of water I had earlier are having an inevitable effect.

This seems to be where I came in.


15 thoughts on “A Circular Dilemma

  1. So it looks like Cookie has claimed your place home. MasterB is making little happy noises.. very sweet. Cats on laps or tucked in close can keep you from getting anything done. I could never bring myself to disturb the Z Cat.

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