Cold Cats

There was a sprinkling of snow this morning. Maybe it was forecast, I don’t know. It soon vanished and today has been a bit warmer thank goodness. Not exactly balmy, so don’t imagine us out and about in summer frocks, fanning ourselves to keep cool. It’s still multiple layer weather, and when I head out again to work in a few minutes I shall swap what I am wearing for clothes with greater insulation.

Last night I was up and down the stairs repeatedly as MasterB tried to decide whether he wanted to go out or not. On the whole he thought not. I believe his decision was complicated by the need to pee, as once he had achieved that objective in the litter tray, he seemed much calmer about the whole business.

Pink Nose

Pink Nose

He had had a trying afternoon. I had come home shortly after lunchtime and Cookie was there to greet me, even hoisting her tail into the upright position. Her humans must have been out. I was her passport to warmth and a snack. She wanted to settle and sleep. Her presence was like a wasp sting to MasterB. He walked backwards and forwards; played rough games with a feathered toy and the rug; meowed at me in demanding tones.

His constant fidgeting finally disturbed Cookie, who had been doing a very good sleeping princess routine. Both cats then started moving around the flat. I couldn’t see quite what they were trying to do. Eventually, MasterB went to door and cried. I walked downstairs with him, Cookie bringing up the rear.

Top Cat

Top Cat

I do not know how anyone who has two cats – and some brave souls have more – manages to get anything done. This afternoon there was no sign of her, so I am guessing she is curled up in unseemly comfort and keeping Rebecca company.

Sunny Afternoon

Sunny Afternoon

I’ve crossed lots of tasks of my list. I am definitely a one cat household.


21 thoughts on “Cold Cats

  1. Having two cats (or more) must be incredibly stressful, I think. Here’s hoping Cookie stays home with her own humans instead of seeking comfort with you and causing disruption to you and MasterB.

  2. Cats will, eventually, work it out amongst themselves. Unfortunately they will both angle for you to be on their side when neutrality is likely in order.

    The studied profile seated on the chair in that last photo made me think of a Arrangement in Grey and Black. Toss a Granny’s cap on his head and it would be perfect.

    • Cookie has got the message that I tend to side with MasterB; after all it is his home and I don’t want him to move out.
      As to the granny cap, I don’t like cats and dogs to be dressed up, so perfect in my eyes is as he is. πŸ™‚

    • Quite. I am trying to get a few things done but MasterB is letting me know in no uncertain terms that I should be playing with him. It is going to be fun taking the loose covers off the sofa!

  3. I am pretty sure I could only have one cat Isobel. Quite a few people have tried to tell me to get two so they could keep each other company and that idea has been pushed on me from shelters too. Z Cat loved being an only cat I am sure. I think two, or more, can work after one cat has been the only from the start but I don’t think it always works. At one time we had three and they never did really get on with one another… tolerated, but there was tension in the house. MasterB is a big wonderful personality and he sure seems to enjoy having you to himself.. πŸ™‚

  4. I am extremely fond of my two cats but it was a conscious decision to get them together and they are brother and sister, although the vet warmed me that doesn’t guarantee peaceful accord as they get older!

    If I had one wonderful cat like Master B, I would think very carefully about the stress it might impose on him and the way it would change the relationship before I brought a second cat into the mix. Visitors are ok as long as they go home. What is the saying? “Visitors and fish begin to smell after three days.”

    Lovely pics πŸ™‚

    • I do like the idea of your vet warming you. I hope it was seemly. πŸ™‚
      Maybe that’s the key; to get both cats at the same time as kittens. I have heard that two female siblings tend to get on. How are your two now they are grown?
      I have no intention of getting a second cat. Mind you I had no intention of getting a cat at all. It was Cat who decide I had a vacancy. Cookie is a darling and deserves her own home where she will be the centre of attention, just as MasterB is here.

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