Little Butter Ball

When Cookie found our garden she was a skinny little thing. Compassion stirred in several hearts and was translated into cat biscuits and food sachets. Cookie blossomed, grew sleek. We began to think about monitoring her food intake. Emails were circulated asking people to tell her foster owners if and when they fed her so she did not grow too big. Not everyone was on the same page. Piles of biscuits would still be left in the garden; mounds of wet food that she had not eaten lying temptingly in MasterB’s path, distracting him from the benefits of his special diet to keep him crystal free, and the target weight he had in his sights.

But she seemed to suddenly get rounder. Chubby Chops, I called her the other day, then Little Butter Ball. Rebecca compared her to a sausage roll. It was a visitor who described her accurately; pregnant. The vet confirmed her condition this afternoon. Three or four kittens; probably conceived at Christmas time.

On my watch.

So it seems the black and white cat who haunted her was not another female. Rebecca and Edwin will make the decision whether to allow this unplanned pregnancy to proceed or to have it terminated on Friday. People are already offering the unborn kittens homes. It would be nice if similar offers were equally forthcoming for Cookie.

Part of me is horrified at another litter of kittens coming into the world where there are already too many unwanted cats. Part of me is horrified at the idea of the kittens being aborted. All of me is very cross with the original owners who did not get Cookie neutered; who did not acknowledge their responsibilities towards her; who took on a cat to deal with a mouse problem but neglected to look after her properly. If they had bothered to take her to the vet she would not be pregnant now.

Lucky Cookie to have found our garden. She is not bare-pawed and pregnant, as she could so easily have been. She has humans now who are taking her welfare seriously. She is fed, has a warm bed, her inoculations are up to date, she has been wormed, gets regular flea prevention treatment, is loved. No permanent home as yet, but we’ll keep working at it.

15 thoughts on “Little Butter Ball

    • The fosterers are under pressure already from people saying they would take a kitten. It is making it hard for them to make the decision with clear minds. But whatever they decide, I know Cookie’s welfare will be a priority.

  1. I wish you the best of luck in finding a home for Cookie. I took in a little female someone dropped at the county dump. I should have had her fixed right away, but waited until she had two liters of kittens, then ended up taking ALL of the females in at one time. The SPCA gave me a voucher so I saved a few bucks on the deal, but I ended up with thirteen cats at one time … plus the rest of the crew … horses, goats, etc. Its a good thing I love cats, huh? Getting Momma spayed up front is good advice. ❤

    • We had hoped she had been neutered. The fact that she was around a year old and not pregnant, nor was she calling for a mate, seemed to indicate she had been spayed. It now seems a greater indication of how few intact Tom cats there are about the area.
      Hamilton’s Cat Fund has agreed to pay for her op either tomorrow or after she has had the kittens.

  2. Oh. Probably in Cookie’s interests to get her neutered as soon as possible now, according to the outcome with the kittens. So sad – and typical – that people want cute little baby kitties but not Cookie herself. :-/

  3. Terrible dilemma 😦

    Whilst I know I wanted to find two kittens, it was because I knew I was in it for the long haul and wanted to socialise them to travel at an early age. Many people just want a kitten for the cute stage and fall out of love when they have grown up. Cookie is a fabulous little cat who is no more than a kitten herself and I hope she finds her own home soon. She is lucky to have you all looking out for her welfare.

    The one positive element is your point that there are few entire males roaming around. The neutering message is working but not complete.

    • I was forgetting you have met her. She is a good little thing, very alert and bright eyed. She’d make a great family pet. Edwin and Rebecca are doing great work keeping her socialised and happy. She knows what it means to be in a good home, it’s just not very practical for them to keep her in the long term.

  4. Oh dear……well, it’s hard to think about aborting the babies but then again Cookie’s health and future is important too. Tough decision to make and I’m glad I’m not the one making it………


  5. Oops, what a dilemma for everyone. Do so hope it’s all sorted soon and that Cookie finds a good home, where she’ll be the Princess.

  6. What a hard decision to make. But that said…bringing more kittens in to a world where they are so easily abandoned. I think that if it were me I would abort them. I think. Goodness what an awful decision to have to make. And how awful that unborn kittens have offers of a home but no-one puts their hand up for Cookie.

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