Reflections on the Visit

I think it was a good visit. Aunt looked better than I had dared hope, and she ate and drank everything I put in front of her, even the Greek yoghurt and honey which she did not think she wanted, but the bowl was quite clean in a short while.

Also useful was establishing that MasterB can stay in the guest room; that I can buy my own fob to the front door; talking to the specialist nurse who Aunt saw the other day; meeting the part-time warden and being able to tell her some of my concerns.

There was no hospital appointment today after all. The specialist nurse was very helpful when I ‘phoned, and Aunt willingly gave permission for me to be told her medical details. Being at a distance, that is very reassuring. So if I don’t get the picture from Aunt, I know I can call the nurse.

The sun shone and it was a beautiful day. I left rather later than I had intended and so didn’t have time to go via the marina to check the ropes at the boat as I had hoped. Next time.

The journey home was uneventful until the outskirts of London when I hit weekend rush hour and that graceless driving which means people block junctions and you sit through several changes of traffic lights without moving an inch. At the Rotherhithe tunnel, having queued obediently along the road, I was carved up by a number of drivers who evidently felt their journeys were more important than mine, and barged their way in from the free flowing lane to the right.

At the southern end I was unkindly pleased to see them stuck in another queue of traffic heading towards Deptford while I took the turn to Central London which was quite clear. Perhaps there is such a thing as karma.

MasterB was patently pleased to see me and wanted a game, though a note from Celia told me he had already been playing with her this afternoon. He agreed to outside time after a while and I managed to put my things away and get some supper. Aunt called and said that Nephew had been to see her after I left.

My own visit was quite eclipsed by his. There was nothing like a good looking young man to raise Mother’s spirits, and it seems the same is true for Aunt.

8 thoughts on “Reflections on the Visit

  1. Such a peaceful photo, Isobel. Where your Aunt lives must be in a lovely setting. No hospital visit, but a happy time with your Aunt, fruitful discussions and a welcoming MasterB on your return. Sounds like a very good day. And there definitely is karma, I’m sure.

    • It’s a lovely setting. I shall post more pictures of it later when I get home from work. I took some to upload to Aunt’s tablet and she was very pleased.

      • I’m sure your Aunt will enjoy looking at them, especially on wet, grey days when they’ll be a reminder of the beauty outside and your visit.

        • Yes, she enjoyed seeing them while I was there. My little point and squirt connects wirelessly so it is very easy to transfer photos to her tablet.

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