Between the Seasons

Seeing the signs of spring as I drove to and from Aunt’s was a tonic.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Drifts of snowdrops beside the road; slightly more light at the end of the afternoon; busy birds.
From Aunt’s flat I watched blue tits and blackbirds. A male pheasant strutted by, his feathers gorgeous in the sunshine. A green woodpecker attacked the grass. Aunt and I gazed at him from the window.
At the front of the building the river birds were noisily in charge. The geese were the most evident, but ducks snoozed on the grass, and a pair of swans paddled by. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
On the way home, I was surprised to see signs of snowfall. There had been a dusting of snow on Thursday night, but I hadn’t thought it had been enough to settle. These are the strange weeks where winter and spring seem to intermingle.Today i dried my washing on the line and walked around outside with no coat gloves or scarf. Yesterday I felt as though the cold had seeped into my bones.


8 thoughts on “Between the Seasons

  1. BeiNg in Singapore means it is summer all the time! It was glorious arriving in heat but the thing that struck me was the colours of the flowers and the brightness of the greens. It did feel tropical especially when I thought about the palm trees being native rather than imported. However, seeing these photos makes me know that it will be good to come back to the UK. At the end of Feb because spring will be springing!

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