Of Aunt, MasterB and Visiting Cousins

Well what can I say? MasterB a complete star. Actually that should be STAR with glitter and lights around if only I knew how to do that. Ditto Aunt. Though you may have expected that anyway.

We travelled gently, MasterB quiet and sleeping after some initial objections about getting into his basket. I stopped to shop, to eat, to enjoy the beauty of the day.

After a little prevarication, I turned off and instead of heading straight to Aunt’s, went to the marina. Now, at midnight, I cannot understand why I didn’t take pictures. It was beautiful. Blue skies; quiet; a newly clad and insulated showerblock; birds; water; boats. Pretty darn heavenly.

I called Aunt to say I’d be with her soon, then went to the organic farm and bought a fennel plant. (Celia, if you want one, text me. I think we’ll be at Reach tomorrow and I can get some fresh eggs for you.)

I delivered MasterB directly to Aunt’s flat when I arrived. Predictably he hid under her bed. The Cattery says he is to nosey to be be shy for long, I told Aunt. And so it proved.

We tested recipes; fruit with yoghurt blitzed into a pinkish cream with added honey – tick; beetroot soup, made in London last night – tick; swede and carrot mash with grated cheese – tick.

So far so good. But Aunt’s cupboards let me know here I get the hoarding gene. I have never before had freedom of access. There were moments today when I wished they were still a mystery.

She has enough shampoo and hair conditioner for a salon; I counted three lots of unopened packets of ginger and one open. On the ‘phone, she had told me she would like some lavender oil. I bought some. I found five bottles in the kitchen cupboards. There are enough cleaning products to last both Aunt and myself to ends of our respective lives. She wanted me to buy air freshener. Fortunately I had already noticed a full spray in the bedroom. Later I found more. Several more.

I admit I am finding these cupboards daunting.

But Aunt herself is splendid. She is alert, positive and perky. I gave got the go ahead to give two bags of items to the charity shop. She twitched MasterB’s favourite toy for him while I cooked; made conversation with her three visiting nieces; studied the NutriBullet handbook.

Uncle Bill had spoiled the surprise, telling her my two cousins were planning to visit. But she was expecting them tomorrow, so it was a lovely moment when they walked in tonight. The three of us had met earlier shortly after they arrived in town.

It was after half past eleven I left her and came back to the guest room with an adventurous MasterB. He has explored every inch of Aunt’s flat, all of the guest room, and now has ambitions for the corridors. He’s not going to get his wish tonight. But if we stay here again, I shall let him roam while I follow him at a discreet but close distance.



14 thoughts on “Of Aunt, MasterB and Visiting Cousins

    • Today was equally busy. But my cousins and I did manage a short walk after of loading the bags at the charity shop. We went by Mother’s house and I was pleased to see it looks well tended, with a table and chairs outside in the sunshine. But her rosemary bush has quite gone.

  1. It almost sounds as though you’re on holiday with your Aunt, Isobel, which is the nicest way it could be. In times to come you’ll treasure the memories of this special time with her and MasterB. She must be enjoying having you there to fuss over her. I hope decluttering the cupboards isn’t too daunting.

    • On holiday? ! No, far from it. I spent most of my time wearing rubber gloves. But I did make a start on the kitchen and delivered five bags to the charity shop. Linda came in the afternoon, and we started to think how we might sort the kitchen properly. It will take time, but we are starting to see how we might do it.
      But the bedroom…! Oh my Lyn. You said you were a ruthless culler, but this is a task that might daunt even you.

      • Oh dear, it must be bad. Determination and strong will are required. Best not to look at the task as a whole, just break it down into manageable, hopefully, chunks. That way you might not get so overwhelmed. Good luck!

  2. It does sound like a lovely time Isobel. Happy you found foods that worked for Aunt. Glad MasterB is comfortable there. My cupboards are bare… 🙂 Been too snowy, icy, and cold to get out. I so love the idea of lavender oil when you write about it, I bought some at a health food store and I didn’t get the fragrance I was hoping for.

    • Am soooo tired tonight. Too tired to write a post, but maybe tomorrow.
      Does baldwins.co.uk do international shipping? That is where I buy my essential oils. If not, let me know, and maybe I can get you some.

        • No worries. I checked and there is a perfumed lavender oil and then just the essential oil. I am still just looking. I just wanted something fragrant. What I purchased at the health food store had an edge too. It was fine but it wasn’t strong enough. I want to put it on the furnace filter so that it goes through the whole house.

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