A Spring in My Step

The trouble with not blogging is I end up with so much to write about I can’t choose.

So tonight I shall let some pictures do most of the talking.

Maybe we shall have snow in a few weeks; maybe there will be frosts; but for the moment spring is in the air.

Today I had a Mole moment. Remember his “hang spring cleaning” and how it led to his adventures with Ratty, Toad and Badger? Well, it wasn’t quite like that.

I was loitering in the garden justifying being outside in the sunshine instead of inside working by chaperoning MasterB who was being targetted by a visiting intact male cat. Celia walked by with her husband and a friend.

They were going to walk down to Peckham via Burgess Park. Might I join them? I hesitated a full three seconds, and agreed.

They went on while I encouraged MasterB inside; debated whether I needed a coat; elected to take just my little Olympus rather than the bigger Lumix; and had a brief conversation with another neighbour.

I hurried to catch them up, striding down the road and cutting through to the Aylesbury Estate where the squatters were forcibly evicted earlier in the week. At last people seem to be protesting against the developments of luxury homes on sites of social housing.

Burgess Park was quietly humming with runners, dog walkers and birds. I caught up with Celia and the others just beyond the Bridge to Nowhere. Once we turned off to walk the old canal route to Peckham there were plenty of cyclists. I rather wished I had my bike.

At Peckham we enjoyed good coffee, drinking it on a bench in front of the library. I love it as a building, but I don’t much like it as a library.

Celia’s husband chose to take the bus home. The rest of us retraced our steps. We puzzled over these words on the path, and wondered what the missing letters were.

Once close to our respective homes the day’s chores sent us our separate ways; to the shop, the dry cleaner’s, the doctor’s surgery.

It felt like we had played truant for a couple of hours from our responsible adult lives, and for one, I was very lazy about my work for the rest of the day. It’s been great.


16 thoughts on “A Spring in My Step

  1. Lovely photos – really good colour in the irises and crocuses – just like it is. Shall enjoy reading the rest of the blog but I pressed something that has got me stuck on photos at the moment!


  2. This is what I call Spontaneous Irresponsibility. Not always easy for me to do. Looks like a lovely walk and congratulations for taking that spontaneous moment. Aylesbury Estate – would that have been a point of comment on a Walk I took with you a couple of years ago? The question of affordable housing in an increasingly unaffordable city is very much a topic around here as well.

    • I like the term Spontaneous Irresponsibility. I shall try to remember and use that.
      No, you haven’t walked by the Aylesbury with me. Not sure where you are thinking of. Property prices in London are unbelievable. Foreign investors see it as a safe place to put their money.

    • It is pretty well used. There is less library space than appears from this photograph. I don’t like it much as it tends to be noisy and people sneak food inside – hamburgers for instance – so it smells. I still hanker after our reference libray which was closed down.

      • My local library has had a huge refurbishment but its strange, there are hardly any books on display compared to before. It’s a 1960’s building and slightly closer to the High Street is the previous one. It was brought back into use while they did the existing one up and just before that it was a temporary museum while that was done up. I’m really upset now because it’s being sold for more student accommodation and we have masses of that already! grhhhh!

        • This sounds a very familiar story. The current fashions in library architecture do not include separate, silent, reference rooms. It’s about increasing footfall and allowing noise. Don’t we have enough noise everywhere else?

  3. THANK YOU for those signs of spring………we really have no signs yet as they’re buried under a whole lot of snow. Nice that you took that walk with friends – I’m trying like mad to figure out what the missing letters might have been on the sidewalk message………


    • Rain tonight and today was grey and windy. Tomorrow March begins so we can expect more wild and windy days, but each day is a little longer and winter is almost history. If you work out the words, do please share. I nearly sent you the photo of the library for your teaser, but thought it was too hard.

  4. Lovely spring images, Isobel. So good to be coming out of the dark days into light and colour!

    I was wondering if the saying on the path was “Now our lives are waning fast, Hope that something pure can last” ? “Waning” might be wrong as there seems to be an extra gap or it could be two words…

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