A Cat Post

It seems a while since I had any photos of felines here, so here goes.

First up, the incomparable MasterB in his playroom, aka my sitting room. Honestly, it’s like a feline Hamley’s here sometimes.


Cookie still invites herself in, and usually heads straight for the kitchen to see if MasterB has left any food. I don’t know what she did to upset him this morning, but he had her pinned to the ground and was biting the back of her neck. Maybe he isn’t a Beta male after all.

She took it very well, a lot better than I should have done, didn’t even puff up her tail, and still seemed to want to spend time with him.

Here she is outside.

And here is the handsome black and white we believe fathered her kittens.

He appears to have found a new interest.

14 thoughts on “A Cat Post

  1. what a delightful post! looks like your weather is quite lovely. and what a handsome black & white tom. but MasterB is or course insurpassable,, and it’s nice to see him holding his own here, too. 🙂

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