Sunday Afternoon

After days of sunshine and warmth, yesterday the winds blew chill and today the clouds glowered in the sky.

I have been having a bit of a relapse, feeling tired and not so well, so I have pottered about inside most of the day, making just one trip to the library. It has helped. I am feeling better again and am now looking forward to supper with Octavia.

I downloaded photos from my little Olympus. It seems an age since I took them. Still loving the spring colours.

I missed Book Group on Thursday and the discussion about Arctic Summer by Damon Galgut. Apparently I was alone in my experience of expecting a book with descriptions of the flora and fauna of the Arctic, and therefore somewhat surprised to find myself reading homo erotic fantasies in the first few pages. I had the Kindle version. I knew nothing about the book other than the title, and of course there was no back cover to read a blurb. It turned out to be a fictionalised story of the life of EM Forster. After my initial disorientation, I enjoyed it.

Currently I am reading a novel by Clare Clark called The Nature of Monsters. I very much enjoyed her The Great Stink. This one is slightly harder going. She conjures the foulness of the summer air in C18 London almost too well, and I am increasingly uneasy about what has happened to Eliza’s baby.

MasterB is going to have to come in before I go out. He was comprehensively beaten up by Cookie’s boyfriend the other day; ginger fur all over the garden. I have been checking him over for wounds, but he seems fine; just two scabs. At least it doesn’t seem to have dimmed his desire to go out. That’s a good thing. I am arming myself with a water spray to defend his territory for him. He’ll never be an Alpha male, so he needs some help. Whereas Cat thought a day without a fight was a day wasted, I think MasterB’s mother must have told him fighting seldom solves anything, and that he must never ever fight girls. It’s a handicap when other cats show up and try to take over the garden.

Cookie suffers no such inhibitions. She has taken to chasing a white and ginger tome who is at least twice her size whenever she sees him. Her tail puffs up instantly and she leaps to the offensive. Apparently her fosterers were watching a programme about wolves on the television. When the wolves howled, Cookie fluffed out her tail, and stalked over to look behind the television. I think that’s pretty brave when she only weighs two and a half kilos.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon

  1. Heavy is the burden of the neutered male: forever in fights for reasons he will never comprehend and spoils of war he will never claim. Hope you and he are in full recovery.

    • I think Cat had a very good idea what he was defending. He understood completely about territory as far as it went. But he did not understand that girls came into it. He was guarding his patch, the humans in it he regarded as his property, and other cats and foxes were told in no uncertain terms to push off!

  2. The colours look stunning. Nature is ahead in your neck of the woods.

    I hope MasterB finds his place without too much more fur being lost. I am slightly surprised that Mackenzie seems to have developed into an assertive boy who sees other cats off his territory without much in the way of fighting.

  3. Isobel, makes me sad that MasterB is getting beat up in his own garden. He loves his garden so much, he should be happy outside with no worries… I am dreaming I know. Maybe as Spring moves along and the males aren’t hunting down the girl cats things will calm down. I am rooting for you with the spray bottle!

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