Garlanding My Wrist

It is exactly a year since I broke my wrist.

A few months ago, Kathy, in a comment on another post, asked me what I would do to mark the anniversary. I didn't have any plans then, and don't have any now, but as I write that, I think making an effort to get back on my bike would be the best way to celebrate the fact that I have recovered almost all my wrist function.

The other thing would be to toast the National Health Service in general, and the amazingly wonderful staff at St Thomas' Hospital in London in particular who saw me through the various stages of A&E, urgent care, surgery, fracture clinic and physiotherapy.

I have the thinnest of scars. My wrist still aches from time to time, and in colder weather sharp pains can make me wince, but on a day to day day basis, I don't really think about it.

For several years now I have been wearing my watch on my right wrist after developing a patch of eczema on my left.

Perhaps I should start wearing my bangles on my mended wrist to celebrate its restored state.


Kathy broke her wrist last year too. I don't know what she did to mark the anniversary of her accident.



16 thoughts on “Garlanding My Wrist

  1. 27 January for me and truthfully it passed without singling itself out. I am certain I did not ascend the public staircase where the deed happened – I have used it and other stairs since but I prefer not to experience that briefest moment for PTSD as I encounter That Stair. I am surprised by how quickly those twelve months passed and how distant it seems now. I’ll send you a pic of my scar. The bangle is a lovely touch.

  2. Hi Isobel. I thought about you yesterday and meant to email, but we had a somewhat hectic day as it was M’s birthday. Good to know that your wrist has healed well. The bangle looks good. Getting back on your bike? Probably a good thing, but in London it’s not exactly the safest activity. Come to visit us and you can try one of our bikes. It’s much safer down here and it’d be good to see you.

  3. Isobel, is getting back on the bike something you want to do or could you be happy without that mode of transportation… just wondering. I like the bangle on the wrist to celebrate and that is a very thin scar. I am so happy your wrist healed well.

    • I really enjoyed the one bike ride I have had in the last year, but I am (understandably) nervous. I would be sorry not to ride again, but I need to relearn my brake reactions, and, initially at least, my journyes would be off road.

      Isn’t it a lovely bangle! It was made by a student at a jewelry class in my nearby adult education college, Morley College. I bought it from an exhibition of students’ work.

      When I think how ghastly my arm looked to me when the badages first came off, my skinny scar seems something of a miracle.

  4. Hi Isobel! I am glad your wrist is healed! It looks good. and beautiful with this lovely bangle. Isn’t it good to celebrate your being restored after one year now?

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