The Biscuit Thief

Cookie has taught MasterB some tricks. When she invites herself round, her first port of call is almost always the kitchen to check out what is in MasterB’s bowl. I rush ahead of her and cover it with a saucer. That has always worked with MasterB: a saucer covered bowl is a an out of bounds bowl.

But not to Cookie. A saucer covered bowl is a bowl with a cover that can be easily pushed aside to reveal the wet food she likes.

So I started not only covering the bowl, but lifting it onto the counter. MasterB knows he is not welcome on the kitchen counter. But Cookie has no such inhibitions. Now the bowl has to go in the fridge.

MasterB has watched these predations on his dinner and obviously found food for thought in them.

Thinking Time

Thinking Time

He has a measured amount of biscuits each day. He knows the pot I put the biscuits into to weigh them. He knows the sound of the scales being lifted from their usual place. He knows the sound of the biscuit bag being opened.

Some of the biscuits are put in his catcher or in his biscuit bowl if I can find where he has rolled it. The rest stay in the pot. Oddly, Cookie has yet to investigate the biscuit ball and has shown no interest in the catcher.

MasterB has been respectful of the fact that those biscuits in the pot are for later in the day. No longer. Following the example set by the Cookie Monster he has taken to helping himself. I find the pot knocked over and empty. I see him sniff it out, knock it over, reach in with a gentle yet determined paw.

Today I opened a new bag of biscuits. A very happy cat put his nose inside and inhaled. Before he could do more, I zipped it shut again.

Now I am looking at a new pot, this time with a lid, for those weighed biscuits. I hope Cookie hasn’t got the answer to that.


11 thoughts on “The Biscuit Thief

  1. Desperate times require desperate measures!

    I’ve got two little Tupperware pots that contain the right daily amount for Bertha and Doodles give or take a couple of grams. It’s not infallible for weigh management, but they can’t be broken into 😀

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