Pet Remembrance Day

Yesterday marked four years since Freddy the Gorgeous Boy, known on this page as Cat, died in my arms.

Here is a picture from a couple of months before he died.DSCN0428

His loss doesn’t hurt as it once did. People are right when they say time is a great healer. But you need to let time do its work. It is a slow business this healing. The memories are now a comfort.

We were talking about him the other night; his larger than life character; the way he loved people; the throng of admirers he had in the neighbourhood who all felt special when he paid them attention.

He was, quite simply, a cat in a million; something I did not appreciate at first as I had never lived with a cat before. So tomorrow night, I shall repeat the ritual begun a week after he died by lighting a candle in his memory and thinking about him and all the other cats, dogs and guinea pigs who have enriched my life. MasterB will get an extra cuddle as my insurpassably lovely and living companion cat.

If you want to join me, to spread the word, to remember those pets who have been special to you, please feel welcome.


14 thoughts on “Pet Remembrance Day

  1. I remember Rex, the border collie I grew up with, my first cats Muffin and Crumpet, Jassy my golden get-it-yourself – my children grew up with her, and Poppy and Zimba who went over the rainbow bridge 8 years ago. All of them enriched my life so much and I have a lump in my throat thinking about them ❤

  2. Your words are full of love for Freddy…I’m thinking of you as my heart aches for your loss of your beloved kitty. I am with you as I lost my kitty Minnie four months ago…she was almost 18. We will miss them forever as we loved them and they loved us…I am so sorry. I wish I could make it better…prayers and hugs to you from HRCG

    • Four months is no time at all. I am sure your heart aches for Minnie now. It was more than two years before I could look at pictures of Freddy without feeling again that horrible sense of loss. But it does get better. Now I remember with happiness all the years he was with me, an extraordinary cat, and I feel blessed that he marched into my life. I feel equally blessed to have MasterB, a cat with a very different character, but who I love dearly and who I hope will live a very long and healthy life with me.
      There are so many cats needing homes. There won’t be another Minnie, but there will be another cat who you could love and who could bring you joy as she did.

  3. i am sorry that i missed the anniversary. life has been busy and i missed your announcement but still enjoyed this tribute. you are right about time being a healer, and there is another healer as well – and that is opening up your heart and home to a new cat.
    that is initially unthinkable but in the long run it is a wise and kind thing to do. there are so many homeless animals in shelters everywhere, and it is by no means a betrayal to welcome a new one into your home. it is something your previous furry friend would endorse, rather than having you be sad and grieving.
    what a handsome boy your Freddy was. he looks so much like Timmy in this image, except that Timmy has some white flames extending upwards on his left side. but besides that minor detail, your description could be him as well.
    Timmy is actually the fourth official cat in my life, and he is indeed a cat like no other. i don’t know if it is in the nature of ginger tabby and white cats to be so charming and delightful, or if it is just coincidental, but although i have adored every cat that has been here, Timmy does have a special place in my heart that i did not encounter with the others. and i don’t think it is just because he is the current feline of the manor, it is just the way he is.
    in any case, just wanted to acknowledge pet remembrance day belatedly. Timmy sends purrs.

    • Thanks Kris. I didn’t make an announcement on Friday, this was it. Do light a candle when you can and celebrate our companion animals, those who have passed, and those who are very much alive.
      Yes, having MasterB did help the healing process, for here was a cat needing my protection and attention. It took me a while to love him as much as I do Freddy, but it happened, and we are very bonded.
      Many people claim gingers are special. Both of mine have been. But then aren’t all our pets special? Cookie is tabby and certainly wasn’t behind the door when personality was given out. She is extremely sociable, very brave, and very affectionate.

  4. I always smile when I see that picture of Cat with the roses… It reminds me of when I first found your blog and you Isobel. I have been thinking of the Z Cat all week. We will light a candle tonight and think of all our kitties, dogs, hamsters, birds, and horses that made us so happy and made life so much better.

    • Oh Freddy and cut flowers…! How he loved them. Maybe he was exploring his feminine side. I don’t know if you have ever seen the videos I posted of him on YouTube iad008. I shall try to get some carnations this week. They were his absolute favourites and I could not have them while he was alive. he would pull them from the vase and chew them.
      Yes, I think tonight is about remembering the good times, the amazing luck we have had to share our lives with some wonderful animals.

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