Dreaming of a Catflap and My Own Garden

It was only as I reached the door, where Cookie was waiting impatiently having raced ahead of me up the stairs, that I realised how tired I was, and how I really didn’t want any cat politics tonight.

An eleven hour day, which was fine while I was working, but which suddenly caught up with me, and made my whole body sag. All I wanted to do was fuss MasterB, feed him and let him out while I ate a quick meal before bed.

Celia had called in to see him in the afternoon, but her text message said he hadn’t wanted to play or to be affectionate, but had eaten and then groomed himself intensively. Sorry Celia.

I hope he’s a bit more sociable tomorrow. In the morning Julie is coming to meet him. She has said she is willing to look after him if I am away. She already looks after Octavia’s Grey Ninja, and comes highly recommended. I have seen her with the Grey Ninja and it’s obvious there’s a very good bond there.

So Cookie bounced in and MasterB went down the stairs. So Cookie followed. Then both cats went out, MasterB disappeared into a flowerbed and I came in.

Less than a minute later my doorbell sounded. A neighbour, “Isobel, a strange grey cat has just rushed in through the door and up the stairs’ she said.


She didn’t last long. There was no food in MasterB’s bowl and no excitement in the flat. I took her downstairs. MasterB came in. He ate. He groomed himself intensively. He asked to go out. Cookie met him at the gate. He raised a paw to her. Honestly, it’s a good thing she’s moving soon, this relationship is not getting better.

So both cats out. I made some soup with noodles. I poured a glass of cider which I have yet to drink.

I think a ground floor flat with its own garden and a catflap in the door would be my idea of heaven right now.


13 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Catflap and My Own Garden

  1. Isobel I wish your idea of heaven right now for you. When the Z Cat was alive and well here we had quite a few feral male cats that were a constant annoyance. Spraying, we couldn’t let her out. She was spayed but it didn’t keep them from chasing her and she was clueless to defending herself. We trapped five of them and had them fixed. Three went to homes and two we returned here near the Tiny Ten. One we found hit and killed on our road the other we still see. Z Cat is gone since 2009. I was totally stressed over those cats hanging around the house so I kind of know how you feel. Hope you get some sleep tonight and enjoy your cider and MasterB.

    • The neighbours ver the wall have just installed a new catflap so only their cat can come in. Cookie’s boyfriend has been eating her biscuits, spraying their house and generally amazing a nuisance of himself. We need to find where he lives.
      For the time being I shall continue to be MasterB’s concierge.

  2. Not good to be tired and have to deal with cat politics, Isobel. Hope you managed to eat your soup, drink your cider and have a good night’s sleep, and are feeling refreshed this morning. My wish for you is that you get your idea of heaven right now.

    • No worries Celia. It sounds like he was just being a bit contrary. At least he didn’t hide from you. Maybe he was still cross with me for leaving him.
      He got on very well with Julie which s great.

  3. It’s strange how the tiredness thing overtakes you when you stop – when 10 mins before you feel perfectly ok.

    Definitely go for a microchip cat flap when you get that ground floor flat – no worries about marauding strays breaking in xxx

    • Whether it will happen is another matter. My patch of London is being discovered with the result that property prices here have seen a sharp increase. Still not as insane as other parts of London, but not suitable for my pocket.

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