Oh my. What a lovely evening.

It was the first night of a new community film club. In the same place where we go to Book Club in SE5. The book club Celia and I joined after peering at an indistinct poster behind glass that was covered in condensation.

Michèle happened to be passing. Oh do join our book club, she said. But we don't live here, we said. We are from further up the road; part of the SE17 tribe. No matter, said Michėle (or words to that effect), you are still welcome.

So the SE5 tribe opened its doors to us, and communication between two neighbourhoods opened up.


The opposite of those stories people tell you about people in cities living lonely lives surrounded by millions.

The film was Pride. I hadn't heard of it but Celia and her husband had already seen it. The TRA house, a brilliant resource at any time, was decked with red velvet over the front door with lanterns on the steps, and two men in dinner suits to welcome us. There was wine and popcorn, and a break in the middle of the film for ice cream.

We sat on folding chairs and the film started.

The years rolled back, and it was the eighties. Weird how it now seems an innocent time. The miners were striking, and a group of lesbians and gay men decided to raise money to support them. This is the story the film is based on. Heartwarming and heartbreaking. Go and see it if it is on near you, or get the DVD.

The soundtrack is so evocative. High on The Smiths, it ends with Billy Bragg, one of my heroes, singing There is Power in a Union, something that is less true today than forty years ago.

Afterwards. Two members of that original group, the LGSM, were there to talk to us and answer questions. If only there wasn't work in the morning.

We came home. I am still up as MasterB needs his outside time. But before I go to bed I need to make sure I am following the newly reformed LGSM on twitter @lgsmpride.



6 thoughts on “Pride

    • Now you’re asking. If Celia reads your comment she may be able to help. They said that Mark Ashton looked exactly like the actor who played him. The opening scenes where he gets the collecting buckets were filmed on the Heygate Estate, which i have blogged about before, just before it was demolished.
      Next time you are in London…
      You can follow them on twitter.

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