Happy Easter Cookie Cat

We have had appropriate Easter weather.

For Good Friday it was grey and blustery. Saturday was not much better, but today, Easter Sunday, when the churches once more decorated with flowers and the altars clourful, the sun shone.

I had a welcome day working from home. I took my papers out into the garden while MasterB napped in his basket.

Cookie was pleased to see me. She followed me about as I watered plants in pots, and then chose a garden seat near me for a nap. When I needed to come inside for something, she came too. I didn’t let her through the door into the flat as relations between her and MasterB have deteriorated.

I am glad she has a new home to go to in a couple of weeks. She is a great little cat, and she deserves to be the centre of attention with a family who loves her.


11 thoughts on “Happy Easter Cookie Cat

    • Oh no doubt about it. Her new family has been to visit her again, and once they are home from their hols she will go to live with them. They aren’t far away, and their garden backs onto a big park where I often go, so I shall look out for her hunting in the undergrowth there.

  1. And well done to you, Isobel, for your care and perseverance. Another near stray moves to a loving home thanks to your intervention. You could write a richly illustrated book – a chapter for each rescued cat. I have no ideas for a witty title at the moment …..

    • The book idea is a good one. If I had only thought to take more photos of these strays. We already have a new needy boy on the block. He is white and ginger and invading another neighbour’s home. She and her family have just got a new kitten, so don’t have a vacancy.
      Cookie chases him from our garden…

    • Well, it wasn’t just me, this was a team approach which paid off. Hamilton’s Cat Fund has paid all her vet bills, so I do hope her new family makes a contribution. Without Edwin and Rebecca fostering, Helena donating a flea prevention treatment, Cherry giving lots of food she had left when her cat died, it would have been much harder. And it is Helena who put us in touch with the family who is taking her.

  2. She sure is a cutie……she looks picture perfect on the pink cushion and thanks to you, she will have that new home shortly. Glad you had a nice Easter weekend………..we did too!

    Pam and Sam

    • Yes, she is very sweet, but she just barged her way in here because she was hungry. I gave in in the end and fed her, then told Edwin when I saw him.

      She has a big character, and loves being with and interacting with people, so I think she will be very happy in a family.

    • She was very content. She is a nice balanced mix of independence and affection. Her new family has a garden and a cat flap. The freedom to go in and out, and to have the children wth her in the garden will, I hope, suit her down to the ground.

      I had forgotten you had met her. She is very pretty, and pretty cats find homes more easily than plain ones. And black and white cats, however pretty, are at the bottom of the list too; vide Trevor.

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