Of Spring Days, Aunt, Mortality, Flowers and Rhubarb

I wanted to upload a little video of MasterB to YouTube, but i-Movie and YouTube aren’t talking, so after a lot of time and effort resulting in total failure, I have given up.

I could feel quite cast down, but the weather is too nice for that. It is so very definitely spring. Yesterday I was on the river and there was even the promise of summer in the air. I was on one of the City Cruise boats and had the lower, inside deck almost to my self. I did go aloft for a moment or two. It was packed.

Shard and Thames

Shard and Thames

Aunt turned 92 today. I am going to spend a few days with her later in the week. This is likely to be her last birthday. She has decided against having a stent put in, so as her oesophagus narrows she will be unable to swallow. We have been in a flurry, making sure the specaist nurse knows of her decision and that the palliative care nurse are aware and ready to spring into action when she needs them so that she doesn’t get whisked away to hospital.

I must admit that, while I support her decision, I am finding it all quite difficult as the second anniversary of Mother’s death approaches. We may get to the pub at Reach and the Organic Farm if she feels up to it. She spoke wistfully of the marina tonight, so maybe she would like to go there. We shall see.

Spring Watch on Easter Monday announced a new poll to find out the nation’s favourite spring flower. Aunt might enjoy taking part in that. I can’t make up my mind. At first I was firmly for the bluebell, but our celandines make my heart leap, and tulips have a wonderful blowsy profligacy. Celia, more decisive than I, goes for fritillary.

These were growing at the allotment. I need to learn how to photograph them.



It was the rhubarb that caught my eye and turned my soul green. I had been quite happy, no make that thrilled to see the two little sticks of my own plant poking through the soil. Another joined them today. But look at this:


I may have to start carrying a shovel and bag and follow the police horses around London.


17 thoughts on “Of Spring Days, Aunt, Mortality, Flowers and Rhubarb

  1. The fritillary is my favourite as well, although any sign of spring makes me happy. Your aunt is a brave lady, whichever route she chose would have taken courage. Take care Isobel.

  2. Your Aunt is certainly a strong lady and I’m sure all the time you spend with her from here on out will be most special indeed. Sounds like a trip to das Boot may be in order…..with a side trip to the pub. Enjoy these moments – I know you will.


    • Yes, with her days numbered, I don’t know how many times together we have ahead.

      The pub is closer to her home than das Boot, so the former is more likely than the latter together, and I am not sure if I shall get to the boat or not this time.

    • I now have streaming cold, so will be below par together. I am hoping she will have turned down her heating. She feels the cold and her flat is suffocatingly hot.

      If we go out she will be wrapped up in layers, and. I shall be in shirt sleeves!

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