Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

A late night and a late entry for the challenge.

Here is MasterB aboard das Boot, checking out what is happening at the marina.



Some of you may have worked out that the B stands for Bo’sun; so Master Bo’sun is my boy’s title and rank. He has more names.

I, of course, am the captain.

He’s not great with knots; but he knows which is our boat and will make his way to it and aboard from the car.

No sign yet that he is ready to follow Cat’s example and take to the helm.



But no doubt, both my cats have found being afloat a stimulating experience.

For more interpretations of Afloat, click here.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

  1. Does he do that crossword in pen while lapping at his Chablis? “Afloat” gets my vote for inclusion in the next calendar.

    • The cat sitting on the crossword is not MasterB but Cat. This was his last summer. He thoroughly enjoyed sitting watching the world go by from the boat.

      • I realized that after the post by the white ruff. Point remains that Cat was a most accomplished cat – dare I say a Sophisticat. MasterB has the earnest look of one set to look for intruders – which you mention are present. Truly a photo study of personalities.

  2. how delightful is this! while you may be the captain, he, and you, and anyone else who is a cat or who has or has had the privilege of sharing time with a cat know, without a doubt, who really is in charge 🙂
    he is well-named.

  3. Excellent photos, Isobel. One really gets the sense that MasterB is master of the boat and just waiting for someone to dare come near so he can chase them off.

    • Ah, my lovely Cat. What a boy he was. My companion on das Boot from the beginning. If there is a heaven, I do hope he is relaxed in sunshine with a host of loving admirers around him giving him the attention he loved.

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