April Endings

Belatedly April seems to have remembered it is supposed to be the month of showers and has turned grey and damp. I am hoping it’s not going to beg too many days from May, the month associated with flowers in the rhyme, to catch up with its pecipitation quotas.

Anyway, I decided to try and photograph the fritillaries in the garden. March’s winds were making them rather bouncy and the flowers weren’t always quite where I thought they were going to be when I clicked.

The wall looks nice though.

Tomorrow the plan is to head east when I finish work at lunchtime. I shall check the forecast before my final decision, but it would be nice to spend a few days afloat and to celebrate my birthday with MasterB and selected visitors in the quiet of the Cambridgeshire fens.


17 thoughts on “April Endings

  1. Hope the weather is kind to you, Isobel, and you’re able to spend a few days afloat celebrating your birthday, on whichever day it is. M and I will have a lovely time over the next few days raising a glass to toast you each evening after our day’s cycling.

    • Thanks Maria I shall do my best. It is also the second anniversary of Mum’s death. I was at the boat then, so it seems the right place to be on this date.

  2. Ah yes. I was trying to remember whose birthday it is on 1st May. I hope the day goes the way you’d like it to. See you on your return.

    • Looks like a mixed bag of weather; some sun, some rain, maybe a storm. Should head off in a couple of hours. I have some post with handwriting that looks like yours!

  3. Happy birthday, Isobel. Your life has brought me lots of enjoyment – and I am so happy that our internet paths have crossed.

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