Alone at the Marina

I had some misgivings about coming East this afternoon. Celia and I went to see It's a Mad World My Masters at the Barbican last night. It's an RSC production, and, like most RSC productions, pretty damn good. Celia is currently a cricket widow with Charlie away in the West Indies, so she is free to be a cultural partner in crime.

The play finished at about 10.15, and by the time we got back to our patch of London it was 11. I was hungry, MasterB needed outside time, so the date had changed by the time I got into bed. Sleep was almost instantaneous, and when the alarm went off at 6.30 I felt quite rested and refreshed. But having been to work, my less than eight hours were catching up on me.

I stopped a couple of times on the journey; provisions and petrol. And took the opportunity to stretch and yawn. We hit patches of slow slow traffic, but by leaving later than I had intended, managed to miss some of the school run rush. All the same, I was aware of having to make myself concentrate, keeping the windows slightly open so a breeze whisked about me.

No regrets now. Someone else has arrived at the marina. I only know because I can see a second car, but otherwise MasterB and I have it to ourselves. So the boy had a little explore from the car before I carried him aboard. The cows were in the field and when the bull lowered his head and stared, MasterB looked at me for support. Now he's had a good sniff at everything, demanded his dinner, and is asleep on the end of the bed having purred loudly, so I guess it all meets with his approval.

My dinner, an M&S ready meal, is cooking in the oven. I have run the engine so there's hot water, and after a few heart stopping moments when nothing came out of the taps, everything seems good. There were swans across the river, geese flew noisily overhead a few minutes ago, and a trio of ducks came to see if I had spare rations. They left when I replied in the negative. Though I see there's a pair of ducks nibbling at the weed on the port side.

Time for dinner. And then I reckon I'll join MasterB and make it an early night.

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