Serene Sunday

Picture posting will have to wait until I get home. But from where I am stretched out in the fore cabin I have fine views of the changing skies. It looked like the heavens would open a little while ago, but the winds blew the grey clouds over and we had just a few drops of rain. MasterB is asleep and serene. He didn't like it when I left his sight and meted rather plaintively, so I have not carried out my plan for a short walk plus camera. Maybe in a few minutes.

Older Nephew may drop by with the new woman in his life, but it is fairly unlikely. I have done a good job on yesterday's paper, written some fiction, and feel incomparably lazy.

Mid afternoon I drove over to the farm and stocked up on tomato plants, got rid of my recycling and several bags of used cat litter. There is no rubbish disposal at the marina, and I regularly cover miles with bags of litter in the car. Only now have I realised that I paid for eggs I left behind. Blast. Maybe there'll be a chance to get some more tomorrow. I am far too comfortably settled to get behind the wheel again today.

But as MasterB snoozes on, I think I shall go ashore with my camera and take some photos of this unexpectedly and very beautiful day.

6 thoughts on “Serene Sunday

  1. Sounds like a good weekend you are having there…look forward to seeing the photos of your walk and MasterB when you return to the land of wifi signals!

      • What a fine salty sea cat with his life jacket. It’s a pity that he didn’t really like it but at least it has come in useful for a dog! Looks like you had a good weekend afloat in Suffolk…which river were you on? Glad also you managed to find the pub for Aunt too she looks very happy in the photo.

        • He was a very fine boy. I still think of him often. Not only did he dislike the lifejacket, it didn’t really work. They are designed for dogs. So if I tried lifting him by the loop on the back it simply came off, and if I tightened it, it restricted his movement. It fits Ziggy perfectly though, and he looks very fine in it.

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