MasterB’s Weekend

Being afloat is probably not MasterB’s favourite thing, but he copes pretty well and he knows he will receive lots of attention. Whether he remembers the first occasion he came to das Boot I rather doubt. It was 29th April 2011, the day of the Royal Wedding, and two days after MasterB had lost the means to father kittens. I wrote about here, but had the usual problem posting pix when at the marina.

I had better luck a day later as you can see here.

Since then he has been aboard many times; got over the shock of realising he is surrounded by water; growled at people passing on the path; yowled at members of the feral colony who have climbed aboard; taken a keen interest in the birds and insects flying by; accepted reluctantly that any shoreleave has to be in that thing of shame – the harness.

He has also been photographed often. Only when Cat died did I realise how few photos I had of him. that is not a mistake I am making with MasterB.

Here are a few from the weekend. All show him on das Boot. There are a couple I think are definitely calendar worthy. What do you reckon?

14 thoughts on “MasterB’s Weekend

  1. They are all brilliant and worthy of a place on the calendar….it’s hard to choose which one! Tongues out, asleep, swishy tailed or looking out inquisitively at his watery weekend world…ginger cats are so photogenic. Thank you for sharing these lovely images of MasterB!

      • Sonny looks just like Jakey and black cats are so very difficult to capture on film! My old cats now sadly departed, a ginger one called unoriginally Ginger and Barney a ginger and white one were so photogenic. Both absolute catnip fiends too! Jakey who actually lives next door but spends most of his time in our house, has eaten through several catnip plants in the garden and really enjoys his “cat cocaine” treats from Sainsburys!

  2. More than a couple are calendar worthy… 🙂 I get a kick out of seeing MasterB standing on those sturdy ginger back legs… so I enjoy those two shots and really like the swishy tail click. Hard to pick a favorite…I like the large photo in the collage too. Although… I really like the one on the left above the one of him standing. I like them all!!!!

    • I like the first and the last, and the fifth. Like you I also like the ones showing him on his hind kegs, especially the swishy tail, but they are the wrong orientation for the calendar, though I might be able to do a trio again for the cover.

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