Saturday Night Salutation

It’s probably been fairly obvious from my absence that I have been pretty busy. No let up in the coming days, but it’s not all work making me a dull girl.

A fair amount of note making, research and swotting has been required, interspersed, though thankfully not last Thursday when the heavens opened and stayed open all day, with time out and about.

I generally have my little Olympus with me, and sometimes I even use it. MasterB has also been handsome and winsome in equal measure, and getting great work outs due to the appearnace of flies through my open windows.

I rather liked the water dripping from my scarf over the bath. I didn’t go out in the rain wearing it, I washed it.

MasterB is no respecter of furniture, and the cushion cover on this chair which was Mother’s regularly gets a bashing when we play.

Poorly Chair

Poorly Chair

I can’t work on an empty stomach, and now it’s the salad season my meals are more colourful.



Tomorrow Celia and I are going to a recording of Gardeners’ Question Time. My fifteen-year-old self would be horrified. I have definitely turned into my parents.


24 thoughts on “Saturday Night Salutation

  1. MasterB looks like a strap-hanger on the Underground. If the Underground ever had straps.

    Slow progress being made on next trip over. Possibly including a new special guest from just us usual two.

    • They did and do have starp hangers on the tube. One line, I think it was the bakery, used to have ones that really made you sway about. I so rarely use the tube these days that I am not sure if those are still in use or not.

      Hope your plans work out. Have you got your accommodation sorted? Air B&B rules these days.

  2. Oh goodness, I think most of our 15 year old selves would have been horrified! I’m sitting with a hot water bottle at my back, a footstool and blanket over my legs. I might as well be 90!

  3. I do like the photo of your scarf, Isobel, and your salad looks delicious as well as colourful. Proper salads and vegetables have been somewhat difficult to find on our travels. Good to know you’re keeping busy.

    • Thanks Lynne. My salad was delicious, but I imagine that if you are being starved of fresh salads and vegetables it must look doubly inviting! 🙂

  4. I would have enjoyed Gardeners Question Time in my twenties but I’ve lost my quest for gardening knowledge as I realised that whilst I love the plants, I hate the work 😀

  5. That salad looks deeee-lish! 🙂

    Taking a break from battling brambles and digging up ground elder in what was quite an overgrown border so wish I was coming with you to GQT! Also in my organic garden, with *loads* of slugs and snails, it’s quite annoying when they get into the pots and munch heartily on the clematis leaves. I could do with something to paint on the edges of the pots which snails/slugs will not cross. Answers on a postcard please…

    ..or here.. 🙂

    • I do love my salads, and that one was particularly good. I had something similar tonight.

      We have loads of snails this year. My plants all have crushed eggshells round them to dissuade the snails from approaching. I have also been told to throw my coffee grounds around the plants. If you have pots then I think you are supposed to put copper tape around the outside. But slugs can tunnel up through the soil and get to the plants anyway. If only we had had this conversation yesterday, I couldn’t think of a question to ask for today, and humane slug and snail deterrents would have been one.
      Still, the blackbirds will enjoy a feast…

      • Copper tape! Good idea. I’ve tried the crushed eggshells thing before but without much success. My slugs are *enormous* and well-fed 😀

        • I wondered about holly, and there must be something slugs dislike that you could fence vulnerable plants with. Last summer I put my amaryllis out to let them enjoy the fresh air. I had no idea they were such snail magnets. They were shredded in days. I had to chop them back, bring them back in and nurse them to health again.

        • There are a lot of plants in the garden that slugs and snails don’t touch but they have a taste for clematis shoots, it seems.. ;-( I gave up with hostas… the night munchers turned them into fine lacework.

        • My slugs have just toppled the only flower on a flag iris I’ve been trying to get to flower for about 4 years 😦

          Coffee grounds and petroleum jelly are another couple of things to add to the armament.

        • You smear it round the top of a pot. *Supposedly* they won’t cross it. In reality you can never move the pot again without getting very messy hands 😀

        • Annoying! Thanks for the tips Sophie! I’m already using the coffee grounds and intend to get industrial-size Vaseline pot tomorrow!

    • I wonder if you can get the podcasts where you are. Part of today’s programme was about the Chelsea Fringe Festival in which Vauxhall takes part. Apparently there events as far away as Japan and Australia. I could give you the website details for next year. CH could start something!

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