An Outing to Gardeners’ Question Time in the Sunshine

The route to our destination divided into parts. First I walked the couple of hundred yards down the road to Celia’s flat. I met her husband Charlie at the gate, off to watch some cricket. I’d already paused to photograph lilies and a poppy, and then found the garden at the flats a sea of white marguerites. Still in their pots, they are apparently destined for a promotion one of Celia and Charlie’s neighbours is involved with.

We set off on foot, seeing a couple of neighbours going about their Sundays. A pause at the local garden farm while Celia used the loo, and I left some flyers.

The farm has fabulous wisteria.

We wanted to get to the venue early as Celia had two spare tickets, and we also wanted to eat locally. we had loads of time, so we dropped by the local city farm.

Suddenly we needed to get to our seats. Harry, who owns the venue, the Vauxhall Teahouse Theatre, had reserved us two comfy chairs at the back.

Bob Flowerdew was a surprise. I had no idea he wore his hair in a long plait down his back. it was all very relaxed, very informal, and I was pleased to see the panel had a pot of tea and wedges of cake on the table in front of them. Radio is so nice. There’s not the starry stuff of television. No make up; presenters in ordinary clothes; the words, the sounds and your imagination. So although we couldn’t see easily unless we sat up, or peeped through gaps between the shoulders of our fellow audience members, it didn’t matter.

The day continued well. But it’s late now, and I want to get to bed soon, so an account of our further adventures will have to wait a while.

You can hear *our* programme on Radio 4 this coming Friday, repeated next Sunday afternoon, and probably available on podcast for a good wee while to come.


13 thoughts on “An Outing to Gardeners’ Question Time in the Sunshine

  1. I like Bob Flowerdew a lot. Met him when he came to give Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust a talk on wildlife gardening. I’ll listen out for ‘your’ edition of GW. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. You packed a lot in didn’t you? So Bob Flowerdew STILL has his plait, excellent, I remember him being a very knowledgeable man. I love the spotty pig, the unique venue and I’m hoping you’ll tell me what the flyers were for?

  3. Great blossom photos and farm animals – I visited Surrey Quays farm earlier this year…is it the same farm you visited ?
    I think Bob Flowerdew’s plait is amazing – and he looks a very young 62! By the way did you ask a question at GQT?

    • No this was the Vauxhall one, by Spring Gardens.

      I didn’t have a question and neither did Celia. Though I would like to know if I can grow catnip in a shallow container ( like a deep plant saucer ). What do you think?

      • Is this request for you or Master B? You could grow a shortish variety of catnip like Nepeta “Walkers Low” which grows to about knee height in a plant pot but not a very shallow dish. Most catnip are best in open ground and usually get grazed off by the feline chums but it saves having to shear them back after flowering!

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