Saturday Cat

My list of tasks today has been disrupted by an active MasterB who has made it abundantly and vocally clear that he wants to play.

Now asleep in his playcube, he has dismantled the feathered toy Octavia put together for him, bounced onto surfaces where in my rule book he is not allowed, become a fierce and growling hunter with a detached feather, chased screwed up balls of silver paper, concertinaed the play rug to get at the end of a length of string.


It also strikes me that I have not posted many pictures of him recently, so this is a chance to correct that oversight.

I quite like these five pictures and may include them on the long list for the 2016 calendar.
Version 2

What do you reckon?
Version 3

Calendar quality, or not quite up to the mark?


16 thoughts on “Saturday Cat

  1. Photo number two gets my calendar vote although they are all worthy! Now what brought on all this playfulness? Have you planted up the tray of catnip and MasterB has had a fix of his “cat cocaine”?

    • Hi there. No seeded catnip yet. Though I saw a trough planter today that might do.
      He is being very demanding and affectionate at the moment, he is always playful, but this seems more about wanting to interact with me. Cat had a very odd hormonal cycle where he would be OTT affectionate for a week, then standoffish, then return to normal. I am wondering if this is MasterB’s version of the same thing.

  2. I clicked through on #3 and then magnified it — compelling Mesmer Cat appeared. Therefore I must choose Number Three, Number Three, Number Three.

    • That is a bit spooky as I did the same with number five. I still haven’t forgiven Apple for changing iPhoto as I do not see how to edit easily anymore; change colour values (it now has the ubiquitous filters which I don’t like) or straighten pictures.
      The trouble with zooming and cropping is losing definition, but it might be worth a try.

    • He loves the play cube, and I love the way it frames him. πŸ™‚ He does sleep in it sometimes (as did Cookie) but it is mainly for play.

      • Oh, yes! I hadΒ΄nt realized that. I chose it because in it there isn’t the white sunny patch which is in photo 5. It absorbes power to the image whereas in picture 3 the blue isn’t disturbed and dark background i

  3. … the blue and dark backgfround don’t distract from the Cat’s beautiful eyes and face. It is more powerful. But then, yes, his ears are backwards!

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