The Shard This Evening

It’s ages since I posted a photo of the Shard.

So here is one from this evening.

Shard in May

Shard in May

I took it on the way home after poetry group.


17 thoughts on “The Shard This Evening

  1. Why do you like this building especially? It is certainly a South Bank statement and very pleasing as architecture but what makes it special for you? From your pix and others I’ve seen and having seen it in almost completion a few years ago, I don’t have a completely formed opinion. Looks like it penetrates your sky daily, Is that good, bad or indifferent?

    When the “pyramid” building went up in San Francisco many critics thought it as horrible. But decades later it is an icon. Can’t say I like it much up front and on street level but it makes a nice picture from a distance.

    But I wonder about the people who work there. They may not appreciate the design if walking to the loo or the elevator becomes a long slog.

    • London Bridge rather than South Bank. I am not generally a big fan of tall buildings and watched the construction of the Shard with no little scepticism. However, it has won me over completely. It is beautiful on changing lights, and has a lyricism to it that most tall buildings lack. It is angled and surprisingly subtle. I see it from my home – if I turn my head now I am looking at it – I also see the Electric Razor, which in my opinion is an abomination. An opinion shared, as it won the Carbuncle award several years ago.

  2. Thankyou Isobel! Special building for me as it was my landmark to guide me to Guy’s Hospital for my chemo and check-ups. In fact that is Guy’s at the base.
    Have you noticed that it has its own climate at the base with howling gales as you come down the escalator. They give you a Marilyn moment if you are wearing a skirt!
    Speaking of loos-the view from the loo, when you go up to the top floor, is quite breath taking! Went there with Celia as a joint birthday treat from my daughter Aliki. Bless her.

    • Yes I realised I had included Guy’s tower, which just shows how tall the Shard is. The entrance to Guy’s is always freezing, and a real wind tunnel. I cannot think the architects realised when they built it.
      You may have to share the Shard with a few others, including Pat. Maybe if you and she are in London at the same time you could enjoy a glass of champagne on the viewing floor.

  3. I love the atmosphere of the picture and its composition. Real contrast between the building and the foliage of the trees. What is the Shard?

    • It is currently the tallest building in Europe and opened to the public in February 2013. The architect was Renzo Piano. He took his inspiration from engravings of London showing tall ships on the Thames and the spires of City churches.

  4. Excellent photo. Great “mood” shot. Have you been to the viewing floor for Champagne? Sounds like rather a nice, indulgent thing to do.

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