Cats Big and Small

You may think this is cheating, posting videos from YouTube and calling it a post, but Sophie Scott and another friend have been kind enough to share these with me, and I have enjoyed them so much.

Here’s the first, showing some wild relatives of that other box lover, Maru.

Actually maybe you don’t know Maru. I think it was Sophie Scott who introduced me too.

Without question, this is my favourite Maru video. He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is a sweet boy.

I borrowed a book from the library called Catification. It’s by the unlikely named Jackson Galaxy, and the far more believable Kate Benjamin. There’s a load of stuff in it that I think is nonsense, particularly the stuff about how you should not let your cats out because it’s too dangerous. OK, if your home backs onto the M1, letting Tiddles explore the great big world might not be the best plan, but it’s such a blanket and naff statement. You might as well say all children should be kept inside because it’s safer. But I digress. Fortunately, it does have some pretty cool stuff in it too, and I am going to show it to Octavia at the weekend. It looks like one of those books that might well be remaindered after the initial flurry does down, in which case some of my cat owner friends may well find it under the Christmas tree. The book reminded me of another video sent to me by Ms Scott.

They must like dusting. Or maybe they employ a cleaner.

Then the last one takes us back to the wild. You may want to get your hankies ready. My colleague V sent it to me. I saw a programme about this lion a while ago, but had forgotten it. There may be a subliminal message about not shopping in Harrod’s. You can decide for yourselves.

Now to do the washing up and see about getting the Ninja inside for the night.


15 thoughts on “Cats Big and Small

    • Maybe it wasn’t fair of me, but I never feel watching Maru I am in the presence of great intellect. Howver, the ability to play is said to be a sign of intelligence, so perhaps it is just that his spatial awareness isn’t always great!
      Alas, I would not make great claims for MasterB’s academic abilities either. Fortunately i do not have to worry about how well he does in his GCSEs.

  1. Maru obviously is not claustrophobic! I have been watching Maru a long time, but I had not seen this video. Christian leaves me speechless and teary… very sweet. Thanks Isobel! MasterB is looking good for June.. 🙂

  2. Isobel, please don’t dismiss Jackson Galaxy so quickly. Sure he is idiosyncratic and pretty Hollywood these days — and I, too, doubt that that is his “real” name — but he has done a lot here for cat well-being, due in part to his highly media-genic presentation. Thanks entirely to his explanations of how to introduce cats and on “catifying” the physical plant, I, as a complete neophyte, have been able to (somewhat) manage a multi-cat household.

    And the M1 is not the only issue. I live in the Southern USA that has ferocious bugs and I know several people whose outdoor cats have immediately died of lethal tick-borne Cytauxzoon felis, which we here call bobcat fever. The ticks are atrocious here, for humans and all warm-blooded beasties.

    It’s a tough call to make, safety for the sacrifice of outdoor interesting life. I make the call for safety, while deeply regretting that my boys have a less-interesting life. I know they suffer for it; I think Bugsy’s current urinary issues are attributable at least in part to stress in not being able to engage with (murder) other outside cats in the neighborhood. I live with this regret every day. Please believe me, it’s not easy. So too-quick dismissal of my decision, by suggesting it’s “naff,” is painful for me to read — on this blog that ordinarily gives me the greatest pleasure on every subject you choose to write about.

    • Fair enough, and a MasterB is to all intents and purposes an indoor cat at das Boot, only allowed strictly supervised shore leave, and even then often in his hated harness. It is the blanket statement Galaxy makes that I have issue with. There are no if or buts, he just says cats should be kept inside. I think that is wrong. If your decision is based on identified safety issues where the odds are stacked against the cats, I don’t have a problem with that. There are cars outside my front door. I know there is a risk MasterB could be hit, but he spends most of his time away from the road, and I believe he is a far happier, more stimulated cat, for being able to go outside. His biggest problems are with other cats eyeing up his territory!

  3. I loved Maru..such a determined creature.what is it about boxes and cats? The tigers were stunning too having watched tigers in the wild in India it is amazing how domesticated they look playing with boxes! Thanks for these little videos…what does Master B think about boxes? A future video perhaps??

  4. I remember Christian and yes it made me cry again. These are lovely videos Isobel and not cheating at all, if you hadn’t posted then I would never have seen Maru’s tail 🙂

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