Friday Night Cider at the Allotment

It was only as I walked round to the allotments that it occurred to me how adolescent it sounded. Cider at the allotment this evening, Celia had said.

So there we were; Celia, Charlie and me, drinking cider in the evening light. I don’t think it is quite how I imagined my life and this age, but it’ll do. It’ll certainly do.



There were taco crisps too, which was good as alcohol on an empty stomach, and none of us had dined, tends to be a bad idea.



It was breezy, so taking pictures of flowers in focus was a challenge.

Today we were threatened with thunder, lightning and storms, but the winds blew, and we only got a few drops of rain once breakfast weas over.

I have been working all week, am working tomorrow, a day off on Sunday and I have just refused some work on Thursday as it is an island in a work-filled week. I was offered another job I’d love next Saturday but already have a commitment. The biggest problem after securing an income I find with being freelance is pacing myself. It is so easy to say yes to everything, then find yourself on the wrong side of empty.



I think that is where growing things comes in. It redresses the balance. I must take a picture of the old trunk that is our newest planter.



So anyway, I am working pretty flat out for the next ten days, then the plan is to head east to das Boot and Aunt. She sounded chipper when we spoke last night, quite impossible to believe she is a) 92 and b) suffering from terminal cancer. We decided that if the weather is right we should head for lunch at Reach. The pub manager has said we can bring Aunt’s food with us, so she can enjoy the surroundings without worrying about the menu. If she is deteriorating, we want to do the things she likes while she can.

The garden cherries are ripening; the tomato plants are flowering as are the broad beans. I have already eaten some home grown rhubarb, and the parsley, mint, thyme and coriander are established. Today I planted some chives and basil, so with luck our herb garden will enliven meals throughout the summer.

It may not be quite the rock ‘n’ roll of my teens, but cider assignations at the allotment on sunny Friday evenings seems pretty good from here.


14 thoughts on “Friday Night Cider at the Allotment

    • Next time you are in the Smoke look me up, and maybe one of my allotment pals will let us in. I am on the waiting list which may be longer than my lifespan.
      BTW do you frequent Clywd theatre in Mold?

  1. Sounds like a fun time down on the allotments…lovely flower shots and do enjoy your Thursday off…I know what you mean about always saying yes to projects…sometimes you just need to put a gap in and regroup!!

    • It’s a difficult one. Funnily enough I had jsut blocked out next Thursday in the interests of sanity when I got a call about some work. I was very tempted. But i am aware i am tired tonight, and I need some gaps to recharge. it can’t all be about money can it?

      • Indeed it isn’t all about money (it does help though!) if you are tired and need to recharge your batteries then it tends to show in ones work…relax, regroup and play with Master B!

    • I think I am a lousy reporter! I much prefer writing feature articles. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the reading, and thanks for this evening. I shall stake my broad bean plants.

  2. What wonderful photos – and I enjoyed your description of your time with friends. I love these kinds of impromptu meetings with friends, they seem to fill my tank.

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