With my apologies to those who thought I had actually gone to London Bridge in the predawn to photograph commuters, here is a not a very good picture of a fabulous sculpture at Broadgate.



13 thoughts on “Commuters

  1. Wonderful sculpture. And yes, I did think you’d gone to London Bridge at 5am to take timelapse photos… was lost in admiration for your strength of mind in getting up before dawn. I always wake around then, look out of the window to see the weather (window directly next to pillow), sigh, turn over and go back to sleep.

    • One post often breeds another. I can feel one about the Broadgate sculptures, or maybe other workers and City type sculptures coming on. Watch this space.

  2. Thanks Isobel…I did actually once take a photo each month of the same view of the fields in the valley from my back garden…it turned out quite interesting to watch the changing seasons!

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