Morning Rush Hour, London Bridge

I nearly don’t go. It’s still dark. I could turn over and go back to sleep.

I leave the house with my gear and a flask of hot coffee.

When I arrive, a pink line splits the sky. I set up the tripod, squat on my little folding stool, take a shot.

Every five minutes for three hours I take another. Always of the same spot.

The first ones have no people. As time passes, that changes. Ones and twos at first; then scores; hundreds. An army marching to battle.

Suddenly they’ve gone. It’s just me, the bridge, the day.

Thanks to Julia for this challenge


14 thoughts on “Morning Rush Hour, London Bridge

    • No I haven’t done it Lyn. Though I have thought about it when I have been on the bridge at different times of day and watched hoards of commuters crossing either going into the City in the morning, or heading to the mainline station to go home; equally in the middle of the day the traffic changes to tourists taking photos of Tower Bridge.

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