Some Pictures From the East

Naturally while I was East I had my camera. In fact I had both cameras. I was hopeful that the Crested Grebes would have again built their nest on the port side of das Boot so I wanted my long lens.

They hadn’t.

However, a moorhen and her chicks moved about the reeds and betwenn the boats close by. For such shy birds, they are very vocal.

Moorhen and chicks

Moorhen and chicks

The fields were full of poppies.



The bees were busy.

Busy bees

Busy bees

The clover was beautiful.

Beautiful clover

Beautiful clover

The sunset was gentle.

Gentle sunset

Gentle sunset

The cows grazed in the next door field.

Grazing cow

Grazing cow

MasterB was curious.

Curious MasterB

Curious MasterB

Though when we first arrived, he suddenly found he liked the car much more than during the journey.

I'll watch from here

I’ll watch from here

I may go back this weekend. That power hose is exerrting a strong pull.


13 thoughts on “Some Pictures From the East

  1. MasterB looks like he is just about to ready to take a plunge. Or perhaps re-thinking that notion. With the back end of the car he looks ready to fill with petrol and check your oil.

    Around here They renamed the Common Moorhen to the Common Gallinule – apparently our New World critters are different from your Old World ones. Not that I could tell the difference. They rename things all the time. The other common name is Swamp Chicken.

    I have baby House Finches out my bedroom window. Another welcome import from the Old World.

    • I think he looks like he’s playing an imaginary keyboard.

      So you have moorhens too? Lots of birds buzzing about in the garden here in the smoke, and extraordinarily noisy at the dawn chorus.

      • MasterB jamming with Van – how could I not see that?

        Oh yes we have Moorhens – they are one of the few species I recognize when in the UK. Seems ours are different from yours so probably not an import. I guess. You know about whatever loon decided it would be good to import to North America all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare? This does not explain why our Goldfinches are yellow mostly and yours are not.

    • I am not sure I’d call cleaning the boat restful Lyn, but I know what you mean. The pics are a slightly edited version of my weekend. πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t know what it is protruding from the car-boot but it looks as if Master B is having a close encounter with ET!

  3. Love how comfortable MasterB is with the car and das Boot. I can think of only one of our cats that would have been good with traveling, being on a boat, and happily checking out the car. She was an explorer and as long as she was with us, all was good.

    • He is not always happy and I sometimes have to stop, give him a cuddle and then restore him to his basket. He would like to be loose in the car, but that is illegal and, I suspect, would be highly dangerous!

  4. Beautiful pics, and I love the last shot of MasterB. I have many shots of our dog Reese in a similar pose. When given the chance, he prefers to enjoy many outings (particularly camping trips) from the comfort of the car (windows open, of course).

    • My car is covered in ginger fur. When I was unpacking back in London MasterB climbed into the boot, then onto the back seat, and finally settled down lying on the dashboard. Yet when I want him to get in the car to go anywhere he is very resistant.

  5. Thank you – and I had the joy of reading a post I had missed along the way. Must have been one of your first trips to das boot.

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